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Breaking the pacifier habit, eating healthy, learning to share toys with friends and first day at preschool
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How to Break the pacifier habit
How to encourage children to change an unhealthy menu to a healthy one
How to teach my kid to share his toys with his friends
How to help a child who's starting to attend a new preschool


  • Self-discipline and an open mind


In this course, Tali Isseroff - a clinical psychologist (MA) specializing in child psychology - answers questions that arise every day for every parent, talks about issues that every parent has experienced and provides excellent tips for how to solve these problems, problems like how to break the pacifier habit, how to teach children to share, how to encourage children to eat healthy and how to help a child who's starting to attend a new play school.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents who wants their toddlers to be weaned from their pacifiers
  • Parents who wants to encourage their children to eat healthily
  • Parents who wants to Teach their Children to Share
  • Parents who wants to help their child who's starting to attend a new play school

Course content

5 sections11 lectures1h 4m total length
  • what is Expert Advice For Parents course


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Ran Raz
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Ran Raz – 38 years old worked as a producer in the TV industry and mobile applications for many years and a marketing expert both in the high-tech and low-tech environments , but above all, a father to 3 amazing kids  - in collaboration with Tali Isseroff - a clinical psychologist (MA) specializing in child psychology with extensive experience in several types of therapy styles for different age groups.