Existence of ALLAH in 48 Minutes

Discover the Absolute Existence of Allah, the God of Islam, through Clear Proofs and Extraordinary Evidences
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Claims of Allah
Observable Miracles of Allah
Shocking Truth Like Never Before
New Perspectives in Relation to Modern Science
Conviction and Confidence About Existence of One True God


  • No religious book experience is required
  • Use of common sense while watching videos with miracles
  • Willingness to learn new knowledge even if it goes against beliefs


This course is specifically designed for Muslims who struggle with faith in Allah and remain in doubt about His existence. In just 48 minutes, this crash course will provide you with the conviction you need by exploring the relationship between natural science and the claims of Allah mentioned in the ancient book, the Quran.

For centuries, religious leaders and spiritual masters have relied on fairy tale stories and books to prove the existence of God, causing countless fights between believers of different religions. My approach is different and unique: I use miracles as proof and verify the claims of Allah in the Quran by going through nature.

This course is not just for doubtful Muslims, but also for ex-Muslims who have left Islam due to the lack of proof of Allah's existence. Furthermore, atheists who are searching for evidence of the existence of God, and specifically the God of Islam, Allah, will find it useful for understanding the powers of Allah as the Creator of Science.

The course includes a powerful verse from the Quran, which reads: "Indeed, I AM ALLAH. There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance" (Quran, 20:14). This verse reminds us that Allah is the only God and that prayer is essential for remembering Him.

Enroll in this course today to discover the absolute existence of Allah, the God of Islam and the Holy Mighty King of Universe through clear proofs and extraordinary evidence like never before in history.

Who this course is for:

  • Muslims who are suffering in doubts regarding existence of Allah
  • Ex-Muslims who have left Islam due to not having practical proof on existence of Allah
  • Non-Muslims who have faith in God but need conviction that Allah is real God
  • Atheists who are finding one true God through miracles
  • Researchers who are finding unique topics for Nobel Prize


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I am an international freelancer, coach, author, and speaker who helps individuals become the best versions of themselves -technically, spiritually, physically, and socially. I'm the founder of Legendary Freelancer and author of "Life After Death: Fresh Dead Bodies"

I will teach you Full Stack Web Development, YouTube SEO, Social Media Marketing, Spiritual Healing and Treatment, Existence of God, Truth of Religions, ChatGPT, Practical Web Development, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap, Self-Confidence, Camera Speaking, Technical Skills and much more.

If you find any issue in any of my crash course, feel free to let me know in the course and I'll look into the issue to answer through video or text in written form to help you solve that challenge.

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