Excel Operations In Everyday Life: The Basics

Learn one of the most widely used softwares in the world!
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (91 ratings)
2,286 students
Excel Operations In Everyday Life: The Basics
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (91 ratings)
2,286 students
An understanding of the Excel user interface
An introduction to what data and tables look like in Excel
The ability to understand and utilise different Excel functions on text and numerical data
How to take logical steps in Excel to find the solution
The ability to use excel formulas which contain more than one function
How to format data tables in Excel
You will gain a foundation in Excel which can help you in your studies or work place


  • No prior knowledge needed!
  • Just have Microsoft Excel installed onto your laptop and you're ready to go!



"I am studying to take the Microsoft Excel Certification, and this course is helping me on my journey. It is well presented, and will be an asset to any advanced beginner" - John Dunn

"Simple explanations and visual demonstrations, effective for me to understand" - Kenneth Huang

"It was a good introduction to the basics in Excel" - Maureen Okwudiafor

"Helps me with my homework" - Sarfaraz Hussain

"The lecturer has good diction and makes the material easy to follow" - Stephen Kane

"This course contains good basic understanding of Excel" - Vikash Yadav

"This Course is very concise and to the point. Well organized and the speaker in the video has a very pleasant voice. If you are looking for a course that will give you a good foundation in excel I would recommended it. Thank you Data Civilization for another amazing course" - Syed Naufil

"Nice" - Alex Robin



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  • Excel is one of the most sought out skills across multiple job markets, so why not bolster up your skill set by enrolling in the course for free!

    Upon enrolling, you will have lifetime access to this course as well as support associated to the topics in this course. Our approach is the build up your skills based on real life data which is encountered in day to day jobs. This is to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to start tackling problems in Excel. This course is aimed at people of all ages and people who are at all different levels in the professional life, ranging from school to professionals.

  1. First we will introduce you to the course and its objectives, as well as the user interface of Excel.

  2. Next we will move on to the most common Excel functions, such as the CONCAT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEN, ROUND, and SUM functions - we will look at how to use more than one function in a formula too, as well as show how to calculate summaries on data.

  3. Finally we will show how to present your data into an aesthetically pleasing format, as well as mention the next steps for your journey.

  • Our mission at Data Civilisation is to make data education accessible to all people regardless of their age or background!

  • In this course you will be provided with an Excel file (workbook) which you can use to work through every step of this course

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Excel or students new to Excel

Course content

14 sections • 14 lectures • 38m total length
  • Introduction


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