Excel Formulas and Functions with Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Learn Excel formulas and functions from scratch. Download Excel formulas and functions cheat sheet for your daily use.
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (3,466 ratings)
70,727 students
Excel Formulas and Functions with Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (3,466 ratings)
70,727 students
Build the foundations of Excel Formulas and Functions from scratch
Use the Subtotal function effectively
Work with Relative, Absolute and Mixed cell references
Use formulas with Excel Tables
Handle Circular References with Excel
Use DATEDIF() and Date related Excel functions with ease


  • Microsoft Excel 2013 or Office 2013 installed in the computer
  • Students should have experience with Excel environment

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Course Updated:  Nov 01. 2016

Formulas and worksheet functions are the heart of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. They are essential to manipulating and obtaining useful information and insight from your data.

Without formulas and functions, Excel spreadsheet is simply a fancy word-processing document. Welcome to my Excel Formulas and Functions for Beginners course!

I designed this course for beginner level Excel users. But are you an intermediate level Excel user? Want to have a broader, deeper and in-depth knowledge in building Excel formulas and functions? This course is also for you!

I am Kawser Ahmed, your instructor with this course. I am a full time Excel, Excel VBA and Data Analytics blogger. And I am a corporate Excel trainer in my own country. Monthly more than 15,000 Excel users visit my Excel blog ExcelDemy and read my Excel and data related articles and tutorials.

Let’s discuss now what you will learn from this course.

  1. Operators and Precedence of Operators: I will start from zero and if you don’t know about the operators and precedence of operators that Excel uses in its formulas, then it will be tough for you to decode complex Excel formulas. So I have covered them very details.
  2. How to use built-in Excel functions: Then you will learn how to use built-in excel functions into the formulas using Insert Function and Function Arguments dialog box.
  3. Subtotal Function: You will find many uses of Subtotal function if you are using Excel with your Finance related jobs. So this function is covered in details at the start of the course.
  4. Relative, Absolute and Mixed Cell References: You will work with these three concepts time to time when you will build excel formulas. So, they have got a good time in the course.
  5. Formulas with Tables: Understanding how formulas work with Excel tables is very important. I have used two lectures to cover formulas with tables. In the second lecture, structured referencing with Excel tables has been discussed.  
  6. Circular Referencing: Then you will learn how to handle circular references with Excel formulas, how named cells and ranges work with formulas, and so on.
  7. DATEDIF() and Date related Excel Functions: And I will finish this course with DATEDIF () and other Date related Excel functions!

I am assuring you that what you will learn in this crash course is priceless. I designed this course keeping in mind, to give you a solid base in Excel formulas and function. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Any person can take this course who use Excel
  • If you're beginner, you will find it very useful
  • If you're expert, you will see Excel Formulas in new ways
Course content
7 sections • 38 lectures • 3h 38m total length
  • 0101 Welcome to the Course!
  • Download Course Resources from Here
  • Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet [Download]
  • How to Get Support and Instantly Contact Me
  • 0201 Operators Used in Formulas and How to Build Basic Formulas
  • 0202 Operator Precedence in Formulas
  • 0203 How Built in Excel Functions Make Your Job Easier
  • 0204 Inserting Functions into Formulas Effectively
  • 0205 Relative Cell References - Using Relative Cell References to Copy Formulas
  • 0301 Subtotal Function - Using Subtotal Function Effectively
  • 0302 Using Formulas in Tables - Summarizing and Referencing Data in a Table
  • 0303 Using Structured References in Excel Tables
  • 0304 Displaying All the Formulas on a Worksheet
  • 0305 Handling Circular References
  • 0306 Using Named Cells and Ranges in the Formulas
  • 0307 Using Names for Constants & Formulas & Applying Names to Existing Reference
  • 0308 Union and Intersection of Ranges
  • 0309 Some Tips on How to Work with Formulas
  • 0401 DATEDIF(...) Function - A Useful Function
  • 0402 Date Manipulation Functions
  • 0403 WEEKDAY(...) Function: Use of WEEKDAY(...) Function
  • 0501 SUM(...) Function - The Most Useful Function in Excel
  • 0502 Mathematical Functions: Average(), Max() and Min()
  • 0503 Mathematical Functions: INT(), MOD(), ROUND(), RAND(), and RANDBETWEEN()
  • 0504 Count Functions in Excel
  • 0505 Learn About 3-D Reference in Excel
  • 0601 Using the IF(...) Function
  • 0602 Using IF(...) & IFERROR(...) function to Hide Excel Errors
  • 0603 LEFT(...), RIGHT(...), MID(...), LEN(...) and FIND(...) Functions
  • 0604 Concatenating Text Using CONCATENATE(...) Function and Ampersand Operator
  • 0605 Using TEXT(...) Function to Manipulate Numbers
  • 0606 REPT(...) Function - Using REPT(...) Function to Make a Histogram
  • 0607 Use of Rank Functions to Calculate Placings
  • 0608 OR(...) Function: Using OR(...) Function
  • 0609 ISTEXT(...) Function: Using ISTEXT(...) Function
  • 0610 ROW(...) and COLUMN(...) Functions
  • 0611 INDIRECT(...) - Creating a Dependent Drop Down List in Excel
  • Bonus Lecture: A Special Offer for You!

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