Excel Data Validation For beginners

Eliminate bad data by controlling the inputted data on your workbook!
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (867 ratings)
19,361 students
Excel Data Validation For beginners
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (867 ratings)
19,361 students
Build data validation rules for numbers, dates and times, texts
Build Cascading data validation lists.
Use custom formulas for data validation


  • Users should be familiar with Microsoft Excel.
  • Users should be familiar with basic functions in Excel such Sum and Count.

This course teaches students how to use the Data Validation feature in Excel to create rules that can control the inputs to Excel Workbooks.

This helps users eliminate bad data inputted by other people.

Students will learn how to controls numbers such as Integers and Decimals inputted by other users.

Students will learn techniques for creating data validation lists to restrict inputs to a list of values.

Students will learn how to apply date and time controls to restrict date and time inputs on their workbooks.

Students will learn how to apply text controls to control text inputs on their workbooks.

Who this course is for:
  • Excel users who want to learn how to control inputs on their workbooks using data validation
6 sections • 26 lectures • 1h 22m total length
  • Introduction
  • Data Validation for Integers and Decimals
  • Lists Intro
  • Changing the position of an Item in a list and adding new items
  • Creating Hierarchies 1
  • Creating Hierarchies 2 - Adding tables to the mix
  • Creating an Input Message
  • Creating a custom error alert
  • Data Validation Lists-Exercise
  • Simple Date Controls
  • Custom Formula Date controls 1
  • Custom Formula Date Controls 2
  • Simple Time Controls
  • Custom Formula Time Controls
  • Date and Time Controls - Exercise
  • Simple Text Controls
  • Custom Text Controls - Preventing Extra Spaces in entries
  • Custom Text controls -Making sure entries have a certain prefix
  • Exercise - Text Controls
  • Preventing Duplicates
  • Limiting the Total
  • Custom formula tricks - Exercise
  • Locating Data validation rules
  • Data Validation Shortcomings
  • Locating Violations
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