Excel: Learn Basics of Excel Dashboards for Beginners

Create fancy dashboards in Excel using pivot tables, pivot charts, slicers and more!
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Build your data analysis skills from scratch
Hands-on practice exercises where you will learn how to construct pivot tables as well as charts
Create user interactivity through slicer as well as time-line filters
Master pivot tables and various formatting techniques to present information
Create fancy looking charts (pie charts, bar chart, line charts). Learn to change dashboard themes, formatting charts
Test your skills by practicing along-with instructor and becoming a pro by the end of the course!


  • Basic experience with Excel (Formula, Charts etc.)
  • MS Office 2013 or later (best set up for Windows OS)


Using Excel: Basics of Excel Dashboards! and gain one of employer's most requested skills in 2023!

This course is for everyone who is either completely new, or a beginner with pivots in excel. In this course, you'll learn the basics of Excel, how to work with raw data and  carry out data analysis quickly using pivots.

This course does not require any prior knowledge of Excel pivots tables or charts. You should be comfortable working with data and prior knowledge of Excel may prove in handy to understand some of the tools and functionalities taught in this course.

This course is excellent to kickstart your path to becoming proficient in Excel, you'll learn all the basics to get you started and applying at your job right away!

With the course you will learn how to use Excel dashboards for meeting and presentations using pivot tables, charts and slicers from scratch!

Excel Dashboards are absolute essential for anyone working with large and complex datasets and want to present vital information in the most concise and visual manner

You will be working with a lot of pivot tables as well as charts. Pivots allow you to quickly cut through the noise and deep dive into the datasets. Be it analyzing YoY growth rates, looking at market share trends, product profitability and so on - pivots allow to process large datasets and derive insights quickly

You'll be learning when, how and why to use excel pivot tables as well as charts as part of your day to day analysis. You'll be learning the following-

a. Understanding raw data structures

b. Building basic pivot tables and charts choosing relevant rows, column and values

c. Using calculated fields

d. Using sort, filter and grouping tools within pivots

e. Summarize pivot table values by sum, average, count etc.

e. Modifying Pivot tables - titles, table formatting

f. Display outputs through pivot charts

g. Create slicers and connect them to multiple pivot tables to build interactivity into dashboard

h. Learn how to update pivot tables and charts based on drop-down input

i. Learn how to design pivot charts, choose themes and other elements to create amazing looking dashboards!

Whether you're looking to explore Excel Dashboards for the first time, or are looking to brush up your skills with hands- on exercises. You have come to the right place.

This course is compatible on Excel 2010 or later.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who works on a regular basis on Excel and has not explored pivots tables or pivot charts before
  • Anyone looking to pursue a long-term career as a data analyst, data scientist, or researcher etc.
  • Anyone working in business related fields looking to create excel dashboards to report numbers


Data Scientist | Supply Chain Analytics | Educator
Prashanth Chidambaram
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Prashanth Chidambaram has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering , MBA in Finance and Operations as well as an Associate's Degree in Piano.

Currently he works as a supply chain analyst and has worked on projects spanning network design and optimization, inventory planning, demand forecasting and has helped clients accelerate their digital journey.

As an educator, he runs an education services firm that provides music lessons to K-12 as well as pre-school students.

Feel free to contact him for more information on online classes, guidance, as well as for new courses.

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