Exact lookup using VLOOKUP Function in Microsoft Excel

This course will enable you to master one of the most useful Microsoft Excel function VLOOKUP with simple Examples.
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Understand VLOOKUP Function of Microsoft Excel
How to exact lookup any value from a large table
Using VLOOKUP table from other sheet
How to do Wildcard matches in VLOOKUP
Using VLOOKUP table from other workbook
Using VLOOKUP for Specific Occurence


  • Understanding Excel
  • Use Excel's basic formulas & functions


VLOOKUP is probably the most used function in excel. In this VLOOKUP course, We introduces you to the most simplest way to understand VLOOKUP function.

This course starts  with understanding of VLOOKUP syntax. Then it will show you how to use VLOOKUP function is a List, Multi-Sheet / Multi-Workbook and then gradually moves to the using of VLOOKUP with other functions.

This course will fully benefit, if you download the exercise files, and practice it yourself.

I always tell my students that learning Microsoft Excel is like driving, you can't learn it till you drive yourself, so it is totally true for Microsoft Excel, that you don't learn it till the time you do it yourself, hands-on.

By the completion of this course, you will be fully versed, and capable of using VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel.

Who this course is for:

  • Microsoft Excel users
  • Microsoft Excel users who want to have grip on VLOOKUP Function of Microsoft Excel


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