A Card is Born: Beginners' Guide to Credit Cards

How Credit Can be a Hero and a Villain.
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Develop a better informed perspective on credit and credit cards.
Understand the difference between principal and interest.
Learn the history of credit cards.
Understand the difference between fixed rate and adjustable rate.


  • No prior knowledge or extra tools are required.


Credit can be a slippery slope, and because many people lack basic financial guidance, it often leads to insurmountable debt for far too many people. Nowadays, across many cultures, a proven credit line is becoming a necessary component of building personal wealth. The great irony of the modern financial system is that you need credit to get credit, and proving you can manage credit is more valuable than showing you don't need credit. Confused? Many people are, thus why it is so important to figure out how the credit system works.

AROV's "A Card is Born" course teaches the pros and cons of credit card use. The class covers credit-related terminology; explores what to consider when taking on a credit card; distinguishes between simple and compound interest as well as fixed and variable rates; and takes a look at different sorts of credit cards available to the public.

Learn to utilize credit to your advantage and leverage it to build your financial profile rather than allowing it to entrap you in mountains of debt. If you don't know anything about how credit cards work, here is the first stop of your journey.

*Live classes available for schools and private groups. Contact us at info@arov.org.  

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in financial literacy and new to the world of credit.


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