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Part 1: Introduction to Electric Vehicles and Market Dynamics (Duration: 10 minutes)

1.1 Welcome and Course Overview:

•Introduction to the instructor.

•Brief overview of the course structure.

1.2 The Rise of Electric Vehicles:

•Historical context of electric vehicles.

•Current global trends in EV adoption.

•Significance of the EV charging business in the industry.

1.3 Market Dynamics and Opportunities:

•Understanding the market forces driving the growth of EVs.

•Identifying opportunities for entrepreneurs in the EV charging business.

•Overview of the global and local market landscape.

Part 3: Building and Managing Your EV Charging Business (Duration: 20 minutes)

3.1 Business Models in EV Charging:

•Exploration of various business models (pay-per-use, subscription, partnerships).

•Case studies of successful EV charging businesses.

3.2 Customer Experience and Engagement:

•Importance of a user-friendly experience.

•Building customer loyalty and trust.

•Marketing strategies for EV charging businesses.

3.3 Operational Considerations:

•Managing the day-to-day operations of an EV charging business.

•Staff training and customer support.

3.4 Financial Planning and Funding:

•Budgeting for an EV charging business.

•Funding options and potential investors.

Financial sustainability and growth strategies

Part 4: Sustainable Practices in EV Charging (Duration: 10 minutes)

4.1 Renewable Energy Integration:

•Benefits and challenges of incorporating renewable energy.

•Showcase of eco-friendly charging stations.

4.2 Energy Storage Solutions:

•Introduction to energy storage technologies.

•How energy storage complements EV charging.

4.3 Green Certifications and Environmental Impact:

•Overview of certifications for eco-friendly businesses.

•Measuring and reducing the environmental impact of EV charging.

Part 6: Future Trends and Innovations (Duration: 10 minutes)

6.1 Emerging Technologies:

•Overview of cutting-edge EV charging technologies.

•Wireless charging, smart grids, and artificial intelligence.

6.2 Evolving Business Models:

•Anticipating future changes in the EV charging industry.

•Adapting to new trends and customer demands.

6.3 Networking and Collaboration:

•Importance of collaboration in the evolving EV ecosystem.

Building partnerships with other businesses and stakeholders

Who this course is for:

  • Any person interested in developing EV business


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Salman Wasti
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Outstanding track record of building world-class organizations through mentoring and coaching, supply chain and procurement organizations, championing process and supplier performance improvements, and delivering millions of dollars in cost savings.

Passionate individual with distinguished career in training and mentoring by application cutting edge techniques to boost performance. Exceptional end-to-end global Supply Chain and Procurement Management with industry leaders including Unilever PLC, Sanofi Pasteur, Reckitt Benckiser, Maple Leaf Foods and Agthia PJSC with excellent know how and exposure to manufacturing and infrastructure projects and processes.

Six Sigma Green Belt and Certified PMP practiced in sourcing, monitoring, and improving supplier performance worldwide. Collaborative and inclusive leader. Proven success in training, developing, coaching, and mentoring cross-cultural, multidisciplinary teams to meet and exceed expectations in dynamic, challenging, and international environments.

Core Competencies

Global Supply Chain Management w Coaching and Mentoring w Organizational Performance

Training and Development w Vendor Performance Management w Lifecycle Project Management

Project Management w Volume Discount Negotiations w Electronic Procurement Systems

Six Sigma & TQM Tools w Staff Training & Development w Team Building & Leadership

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