Ethereum Cryptocurrency Course for Beginners

Learn about Ethereum - the Second Biggest Cryptocurrency in the World
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After this course, you’ll know everything you need to be able to separate fact from fiction when reading claims about Ethereum Cryptocurrency.


  • You don’t need to have any previous knowledge on Ethereum, none at all. I will take you through everything you need to know. As long as you have a working computer with internet access.


This Course will provide for the students for the basic understanding on what Ethereum is and how it works. The objective is to understand the fundamentals of Ethereum, how to use it, and where is it potentially going in the near future. In more details you will understand.

How does Ethereum work? What makes Ethereum different? Types of Ethereum Wallets? How anonymous are Ethereum users? What might the future hold?

The following statements show the growing importance of Blockchain in the industry:

This course will be very helpful for all who are begining to learn this technology and who wants to understand

both sides of it - the system and its business.

Following will be the flow of the course.

1) General Overview of Cryptocurrency

a)What is Cryptocurrency?

b)What is Blockchain?

2) Ethereum stats and information

3) Who created Ethereum?

4) What is Ether and Gas?

5) Smart Contracts

6) History of Ethereum

7) Proof Of Work vs Proof Of Stake

8) What are the benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform?

9) What’s the downside of decentralized applications?

10) Ethereum Virtual Machine

11) Ethereum Wallets

12) Ethereum Mining

13) Bitcoin vs Ethereum

14) Future of Ethereum

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become an early adopter of the cryptocurrency Ethereum theoretically and learn further about how Ethereum successfully works as a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is not country specific, so it can be utilized in the exact same way from any country, and you can be of any age, as well as ability to gain maximum value from this course. This course is targeted towards newbies entering Ethereum, and those who wish to expand their knowledge further on the emerging cryptocurrency.


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My name is Anuj Gandhi, and I am a Cryptocurrency Expert, Youtuber and Trader.

I have 3+ years of Experience in Cryptocurrency World.

I also started a YouTube Channel - Crypto Bulletin.

Crypto Bulletin Channel is aimed at bringing all Basics of Crypto World and Blockchain Technology based on World News, Bulletins, Interviews with Experts, Price Trends, Growth of Crypto Safety and Wallet Upkeeping.

I want to share my knowledge about Ethereum and Cryptocurrency to the Udemy Commmunity and I just love to share all of my knowledge to the people that wish to learn.