Estimation and Planning for Agile/Scrum Projects

Strategy, Techniques and Principles for Successful Planning
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Understand the principles of Agile estimation and planning
Learn three estimation / planning techniques in-depth
Decide which techniques to use in which situation
Summarize nine estimation and planning techniques


  • Basic understanding of Agile / Scrum is valuable, but not required.


Everyone wants to know how to plan work in an Agile / Scrum project. Just like with other work methods, planning can be done in practical ways that lead to good results. However, unlike other methods, Agile / Scrum planning can be done extremely quickly while still being effective!

Note: basic understanding of Agile and Scrum is helpful for ensuring that you are able to follow all the ideas and techniques in this course. This course does not provide an introduction to Agile and Scrum.


  1. Layers of planning in Agile / Scrum projects (the "Planning Onion" with guest Petri Heiramo)

    1. Vision

    2. Roadmap

    3. Release

    4. Refinement

    5. Sprint

    6. Day

    7. Acceptance

    8. Units

    9. Pairing

  2. Ten Agile estimation techniques (and 3 in-depth)

    1. Planning Poker

    2. The Bucket system (in-depth)

    3. Bug / Uncertain / Small (in-depth)

    4. TFB / NFC / 1 (Sprint)

    5. Dot Voting

    6. T-Shirt Sizes

    7. Affinity Mapping

    8. Ordering Protocol

    9. Divide Until Maximum Size or Less

    10. Impact / Effort (in-depth)

  3. Creating a budget for an Agile / Scrum project step-by-step guide

    1. Prepare and estimate the project requirements using Planning Poker

    2. Determine the team's velocity

    3. Using the team's burn rate and velocity calculate the budget for the iterations

    4. Add any capital costs

    5. Using the definition of "done" add pre- and post- iteration budgets

    6. Apply a drag or fudge factor to the overall estimate

  4. Three core principles of Agile estimation and planning (with guest Sheriane Dandar)

    1. The horizon of predictability

    2. Fast, not accurate

    3. Collaborative, not individual

    4. Telling stories, not making commitments

Join 23-year Agile veteran, Mishkin Berteig along with two guests as they provide practical advice, techniques and inspiring guidance on how to estimate and plan Agile / Scrum projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Team Leads and Business Managers will find this course valuable.


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