Essentials of Data Science

Discover what Data Science is all about
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Understand the concepts of Data Science
Identify different data types
Know the 3 essential fields that data science is made up of
You want to know what someone in the Data Science field does


  • A basic understanding of statistics and math
  • A curiosity to know what this "Data Science" field is all about


Data Science is growing ever faster as Big Data become an increasingly important part of our lives.
Because data is universal, the applications of Data Science are pretty much endless, all you need is access to the data of the system that you want to study.

Since it's such a new field, there are a lot of questions about what is Data Science, what do Data Scientists do, and what do you need to succeed as a Data Scientist? 

This course is designed to give you an overview of the three essential areas of Data Science, the areas that every good data scientist should know, and being proficient in these areas can be the key to your success. After this course you will have a clear understanding of what Data Science is all about, and can make a clear decision of if it's the right field for you. You will also know what areas are important in Data Science, and hence can make informed decisions on what areas to focus on learning.

When you really get into Data Science there are other areas that start coming in too, but all of these can be traced back to one, or multiple, of these three basic foundations.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interesting to get an insight into Data Science

Course content

4 sections11 lectures1h 40m total length
  • Course Structure and Outline
  • Intro to Data Science


Data Scientist
Maximilian Schallwig
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I've worked for over two years in physics research and mathematical analysis. I participated in two international physics competitions, where my two teammates and I won silver and gold. My thesis was in the field of Quantum Biology, focusing on analyzing the behavior of excitons at room temperature with electronic interaction. 

Due to my affinity for math and statistics from my studies in physics, I tend towards data mining, processing, and analysis, which are also the things that I find most exciting.

I enjoy learning new methods and developing my skills, and am constantly studying new literature and documentation to find exciting material that can be applied in the field of data analysis.

If you want to keep up with what else I'm doing in the fields of programming, data, and data science, you can check me out at codingwithmax.