Essential German: Learn Over 200 German Words & Phrases

Learn how to speak basic conversational German with ease
Free tutorial
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32min of on-demand video

Greet people and introduce yourself
Tell people where you're from and ask where they're from
Introduce your friends and family
Talk about your hobbies
Express yourself on a wide range of topics with ease


  • No previous knowledge of German is required
  • Language of instruction is English
  • Time to watch the videos and work through the revision


Learn the essential phrases and vocabulary you need to have basic everyday conversations in German.

The perfect course if you would like to:

  • Have basic conversations in German.
  • Learn quickly and intuitively.
  • Be able to use words and phrases spontaneously and fluently. 
  • Talk about a variety of topics in German. 

Start speaking in just 5 minutes!

There is absolutely no time wasted in this course with unnecessary and long winded explanations. All of the audio is completely in the German language where you will progressively learn more and more words and phrases. 

In just the first 5 minutes alone you will learn how to:

  • Say hello
  • Greet people
  • Introduce yourself 
  • Ask people about their occupation  

Learn intuitively and naturally

Despite what you may have heard, you really don't have to stress yourself out trying to memorize hundreds of different grammar rules and spending long hours drilling grammar exercises to learn a foreign language.   

All you need to do is listen to and read the words and phrases through the lessons and you will intuitively learn the grammatical patterns and sentence structures. You'll be able to use correct and proper usage of basic German easily and fluently.

Practical and efficient

With this course you will only learn vocabulary and phrases that you could easily come across in everyday conversation. I've spent years studying foreign languages, and I've seen so many courses that spend too much time trying to teach you completely irrelevant words and phrases that you will rarely come across and which beginner students certainly don't need to know. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a desire to learn German in a natural and easy way
  • People who don't want to stress over grammar and complicated explanations


Professional Foreign Language Teacher
Tyler Oliver
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My name is Tyler and I'm a professional foreign language teacher. I've personally been studying foreign languages for years and I've experienced first hand what top quality foreign language instruction should look like. 

My courses are specifically designed to be as simple and concise as possible while also providing high quality language learning material.   

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