Entrepreneurship Development: Motivation theory & models

Lets learn about entrepreneurship & its guiding motives.
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In this course you will learn about

Entrepreneurship Development: Motivation theory & models

>>Entrepreneur is human being who has his dignity, self-respect, values, sentiments, aspirations, dreams apart from economic status. Indeed, economic betterment and social upliftment motivates a person to distinguish from others.

>>The term ‘motivation’ has its origin in the Latin word “movere” which means to “move”.

Thus, motivation stands for movement. One can get a donkey to move by using a “Carrot or a stick”, with people one can use incentives, or threats or reprimands. However, these only have a limited effect. These work for a while and then need to be repeated, increased or reinforced to secure further movement.

The term motivation may be defined as “the managerial function of ascertaining the motives of subordinates and helping them to realize those motives.”

Motives for Starting a business

Several researchers have carried out research studies to identify the factors that motivate people to start business enterprises.

(i) Internal factors

(a) Educational background (b) Occupational experience (c)Desire to do something pioneering and innovative (d) Desire to be free and independent (e) family background

(ii) External factors

(a) Assistance from Government (b) Financial assistance from institutions (c) Availability of technology and/or raw materials (d) Encouragement from big business units (e) Heavy demand for product

This course is divided in three big parts:-

1) Entrepreneur definition
2) Motivation
3) Theories/Models

Who this course is for:

  • Any student who wants to learn about key aspects of entrepreneurship & its guiding motives

Course content

1 section6 lectures51m total length
  • Introduction
  • Types of Entreprenur
  • Motivation - introduction
  • Models/theories of Motivation
  • Models :- continued
  • Models :- continued


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