Entrepreneurs Guide To Investors

Fundamental Principals Investors and Fundraising
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Understand the concerns investors have for a new project
Learn the fundamentals documents investors look for
Gain the practical knowledge to successfully contact and communicate with an investor
Understand the questions or problems that investors think about before investing
Have the confidence to successfully get a meeting or have a conversation with an investor
You want to find out what stage of investments and how much you can raise
You should enroll in this course, if your an entrepreneur and want to raise capital


  • You should be able to use PC at a beginner level .
  • This course covers all of the fundamentals. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Basic Powerpoint, Open Office or Keynote, word.


Entrepreneurs Guide To Investors 

Become a knowledgeable Entrepreneur: When discussing your business and fundraising with an accredited Angel investor, VC, Institution, bank, or angel group. 


This course will teach you how to understand investors 

I take my almost 10 years of experience in the field of business, to walk you through some of the key elements.

What makes up what is it like to understand an investor, from Documents. That most investors want to see, and how you should think about being an entrepreneur. What are some positives and negatives of having an investor come into your business? Both the good and the bad. 

Learn what to say, and what not to say. To help investors say yes, to you. This includes accredited and unaccredited investors, from Venture capitalists who invest professionally. Or your uncle bob, who has an extra $10,000 which he can invest into your new venture.

Along with this, you will also learn about the following. 

What is an accredited Angel Investor 

An Angel Group vs VC Firm 



-FFF (Friends, Families)


-PPM (Private Placement Memorandum).


-Pink Sheets 

-Securities Document

-Investor Returns 

-Investor Concerns


-Investors Preference 

and much more. 

This and much more fundraising and investment information, when working with an investor will be shared within this course. 

In this course, you will gain the fundamental knowledge needed to understand how investors think of new projects. That comes across their desk, how to approach investors. The confidence, that you need to present the information to the investors correctly.

And ultimately what investors look for, from new entrepreneurs.

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Where I share over 13.5 Hours of ideas, strategies, information, resources, websites, books, tips, documents, everything you need to successfully raise capital.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, students and inventors. Including those that are graduating from college or looking to start a business.
  • Those interested in learning more about investors.

Course content

10 sections10 lectures44m total length
  • Introduction


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