English Pronunciation for Beginners (Urdu/Hindi)

Fundamentals of English Grammar
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English pronunciation


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Learn the fundamentals of English Grammar

1. Introduction of International Phonetic Association and International phonetic alphabets

2. Basic terminology used in the scientific study of language

3. What is the basic difference between vowel and consonant sound

4. Consonant sounds, their origin, classification with respect to origin, classification regarding manner of articulation, voiced and voiceless consonants and aspiration

5. Short vowels, long vowels, diphthongs, triphthongs, origin of vowel sounds, open vowels, closed vowels, front vowels, back vowels, rounded vowels and unrounded vowels

6. What are syllables, how to find out the number of syllables in a word and stressed and unstressed syllables

English pronunciation refers to the way words are spoken in the English language. It includes sounds, stress, and intonation. There are many variations of English pronunciation, as the language is spoken by people from many different countries and cultures. Some common issues that people may have with English pronunciation include difficulty with certain sounds, such as the "th" sound, or difficulty with stress and intonation patterns. There are various resources, such as pronunciation guides, audio exercises, and pronunciation classes, that can help people improve their English pronunciation. This simple course is for the beginners in English pronunciation that helps make a good start.

Here we give understanding of IPAs. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a standardized system of phonetic notation used to represent the sounds of spoken languages. It is used by linguists, speech therapists, and language teachers to transcribe and teach pronunciation. The IPA uses a set of unique symbols to represent the individual sounds (phonemes) of a language. These symbols are based on the articulatory and acoustic properties of speech sounds and are intended to be universal across languages. The IPA can be used to transcribe the sounds of any language, not just English. It's an essential tool for linguistics, speech therapy, and language teaching.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in English grammar
  • Urdu speaking beginners in English grammar
  • Hindi speaking beginners in English grammar
  • Pakistani beginners in English grammar
  • Indian beginners in English grammar


English Grammar in simple Urdu / Hindi
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