Military English. Professional development.

Part 1. CyberSecurity on Military
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Cyber Security on Military
How to Create a Growth Hacking Framework
Create Hacker Curriculum
An Introduction to Internet Infrastructure. Reading skills
Create a report the 5W’s: Who, What ,Where, When,Why.
Maintenance of networks, hardware and software
Ransomware Attack
How does a encryption work?
Password Cracking and Countermeasures
Key Terms
Listening on Purpose
Cryptanalytic Attack
Speaking Club. Cyber Warfare


  • Professional development.


Learning English for Purposes.- individual- learning in teams.

In Case studies the skills are learned through facilitation, rather than presentation.

Supported by the coursebook.

Part 1. CyberSecurity on Military

This part aims to address cybersecurity broadly but in sufficient depth that non-technical experts will develop a more complete picture of the technological issues and technology experts will more completely appreciate national and international security policy and defense policy implications.

The rapid and unrelenting pace of changes and challenges in cybersecurity was the driving force that prompted the ESCWG to request this curriculum effort, in accordance with NATO’s increased emphasis on improving cybersecurity awareness, preparedness, and resilience.

- Cyberspace and the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

-  Risk Vectors

Some learners do not have enough background knowledge to understand information (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Marketing/Blogging can`t Help here).

21st Century Skill Development.

Speaking Club Function.

- Hacking-framework

- Create a Hacker Curriculum

- An Introduction to Internet Infrastructure. Reading skills.

- Put yourself into hackers

- Learning by Doing, In the Army Now

- Why do we need to encrypt data?

- Revision

Supported by the coursebook " Military English. Learning by doing.: Professional development. Case studies." by Marina Hrabar.  Paperback: 246 pages

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Visual Reading. Digital versions of printed books. It provides practical insights that the reader can implement easily and achieve results. At the end of each unit, there is a vocabulary section so as each student could review the specific military terminology and the information.

* English Level from B2

Who this course is for:

  • Non-technical experts will develop a more complete picture of the technological issues
  • Technology experts will more completely appreciate national and international security policy and defense policy implications.

Course content

8 sections27 lectures3h 16m total length
  • Course Aims
  • Military English. Learning by doing: Professional development. Case studies.
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