An Overview of the AQA English Literature GCSE Paper 1
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An overview of AQA GCSE ENGLISH Paper 1
TARGET EXAMPLES: Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) and 19th Century Novels (Pride and Prejudice)


  • No course prerequisites
  • Basic Knowledge of English Literature


1. Overview: Introducing the AQA English Literature GCSE Paper 1

2. Overview of the Shakespeare Options: In this section, we simply examine the phrasing of the essay titles so that we can simplify our approach to an accurate answer.

3. Example: Julius Caesar: In this section, we take a typical essay question on the play Julius Caesar and examine how it might be answered.

4. Overview of the 19th Century Novel Options: Once again, examine the range of questions.

5. Example: Pride and Prejudice: And once again, we take one typical question and examine how it might be answered.

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