English Language Pro | Spoken English Conversation + Culture
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English Language Pro | Spoken English Conversation + Culture

English language fluency with the most important English conversation topics, expressions, idioms and culture
4.0 (724 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,476 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • how to talk about any topic
  • business English culture, expressions and idioms
  • conversation skills and vocabulary (informal & formal English)
  • speaking skills for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE and CAE
  • Not recommended for complete beginners
  • Some adult idioms & expressions may not be suitable for young children

Stop feeling like a different person in English...

With English Language Pro, be fluent and be you!

  • No time wasting, only the best English conversation skills, vocabulary and idioms

  • Do homework assignments by writing, video message or audio recording!

  • Live lectures to answer your questions in detail and give you more practice time

  • Fluency for any situation: business English and informal conversation

  • Skills for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE and CAE exam success!

  • Be comfortable in the English language

  • Understand American culture

  • And more...! 

Can't wait to see you in the course!

ATTENTION: There is some adult vocabulary in this course that might not be suitable for children,

as lectures include discussion of informal English idioms and other expressions meant for adult learners.

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Course content
Expand all 146 lectures 08:01:47
+ Welcome to English Language Fluency!
3 lectures 06:10

How the course is organized and what topics are discussed

Preview 02:59

How important are idioms and expressions in English conversation?

Are expressions and idioms necessary?

About in-lecture practice and the three ways you can do your homework assignments (written, video and audio)

Preview 01:45
+ Casual Greetings and Saying Goodbye
8 lectures 28:24

There are many idiomatic ways to say "hello" in English, learn them here!

Preview 03:00
Greetings | Part 2
Using greetings you just learned, introduce yourself and describe your interests, hobbies and what topics you want me to make new videos about. (Watch 'How to do Homework' lecture in Section 1 for how to submit video and audio responses!)
Introduce yourself!
1 question
Live video: Informal greetings

How to end a conversation in English

Ending a conversation

How English speakers say goodbye!

How to say goodbye
Assignment: say goodbye!
Practice writing dialogues with the goodbye expressions you learned! (Watch 'How to do Homework' lecture in Section 1 for how to submit video and audio responses!)
Practice saying goodbye
2 questions

We don't always want to talk to someone, here's how to escape a conversation!

Escape a conversation
+ Asking Questions
4 lectures 09:15

Expressions and idioms for asking questions

Spoken expressions

The basic grammar structure for asking questions. You'll learn more, topic specific questions we ask, in each section of the course!

Basic grammar structure
Assignment: Practice asking questions!
Let's do some question practice so you're ready to use both types of questions we discussed! Share video response: film yourself responding on YouTube and put link here! Share audio response: use www.speakpipe.com and share your link after recording!
Question practice
2 questions
Live: More question expressions!
+ Describing People & Introductions
11 lectures 36:12

How to introduce yourself and others in English

Name and introductions

Tell people where you're from, what languages you speak, age and relationship status

Nationality, language, age, relationship

How to describe yours and others' physical appearance

Describe someone's appearance
Now it's you turn to describe someone. And remember to include a photo so I can see who it is! Share video response: film yourself responding on YouTube and put link here! Share audio response: use www.speakpipe.com and share your link after recording!
Describe a famous person!
1 question

Awesome English idioms to describe how someone looks

Appearance idioms | Part 1
Appearance idioms | Part 2
Assignment: Use the idioms!
You've got some great idioms now related to physical appearance. Write examples with them so you remember them easier! Share video response: film yourself responding on YouTube and put link here! Share audio response: use www.speakpipe.com and share your link after recording!
Appearance idioms practice!
1 question

You already learned how to describe how someone looks, now describe how they act and behave

Describe someone's personality

Be able to describe someone's personality with some great idioms

Personality idioms | Part 1
Personality Idioms | Part 2
Assignment: Idioms practice!
Write about yourself or create a make-believe character using the idioms you just learned! Share video response: film yourself responding on YouTube and put link here! Share audio response: use www.speakpipe.com and share your link after recording!
Personality idioms practice!
1 question
+ Health and Fitness
8 lectures 24:08

Be able to describe how you feel emotionally and physically in English, as well as being able to ask other people how they feel

Describe how you feel
Assignment: Describe how you feel
Using what we discussed in the lecture, tell me how you feel physically and emotionally and return the question! Share video response: film yourself responding on YouTube and put link here! Share audio response: use www.speakpipe.com and share your link after recording!
How do you feel?
1 question
LIVE: Human body vocabulary

How native speakers talk about exercise, diet and nutrition

Nutrition, diet, exercise

The types main types of exercise and some important vocabulary to talk about it!

Exercise vocabulary
Assignment: Your health habits
Hey! Let's talk a little more about nutrition, diet and exercise. Specifically, how important are these things to you, how often do you do them or what are your goals for the future?
Let's talk about your health habits!
1 question

More colorful ways to describe health and fitness with English idioms

Health and fitness idioms
Assignment: Let's talk about health!
Let's get to work improving your English by doing some writing exercises! 1) Write what you think about fast food and junk food. Do you eat them? Why or why not? 2) Have you ever quit a bad habit or want to quit one in the future? Tell me about it!
Health/fitness idioms practice!
1 question
+ Hobbies and interests
4 lectures 28:44

Learn how to talk about the things you most enjoy in life as well as the things you least enjoy!

Talk about hobbies & interests

A ton of vocabulary to talk about different hobbies and interests. Is your favorite hobby missing? Message me and I will add it :D

LIVE: Hobbies vocabulary

These idioms are very common when talking about things we enjoy or don't enjoy doing, so don't skip this lecture! 

Idioms for the things you do!
Assignment: Use the new idioms!
It's time to practice using the idioms!
Lifestyle idioms practice!
1 question
+ Dating, Family, Friends
8 lectures 27:33

Learn about different types of relationships and relationship statuses (single, in a relationship, married, etc.)

Preview 03:41

Your sexual orientation is the type of person and gender you are attracted to, this is an especially talked about topic today

Sexual orientation

How Americans talk about race and ethnicity

Race and ethnicity
Live: Family tree

Blind date, break up with someone, catfish, chemistry, out of your league, settle

Dating idioms
Assignment: Dating homework!
If you are single, or just for fun to practice the vocabulary, create a dating profile for yourself using vocabulary from the course to describe your personality, interests and passions. If you are married or in a relationship, describe yourself and your partner as well as the things you enjoy!
Create a dating profile!
1 question

Get along with someone, bad blood, black sheep, chip off the old block, falling out, the spitting image,

Friends and family Idioms
Assignment: Practice with the idioms!
Describe your friends and family using vocabulary from this course!
Friends & family exercise!
1 question
+ Food and Drink
19 lectures 56:50

Going to the supermarket can be difficult because you need a lot of food vocabulary as well as some expressions to be able to ask for help and pay for your things.

Preview 04:11

Vocabulary and expressions to use when paying for your things at the supermarket

Supermarket | Paying
Live: Food vocabulary

The different types of food you can get when you decide not to cook at home: eat out, take out, order out

Buying food | take out, eat out, order out

Start with types of restaurants (cheap VS expensive), the people who work at a restaurant and how to make a restaurant reservation

Restaurants 1 | Basic restaurant vocab

Learn how to order food and drinks at a restaurant

Restaurants 2 | Make a reservation

How to get the waiter's attention, what to do if the place is noisy, and how to pay for your food and understand how Americans tip

Restaurants 3 | How to order
Restaurants 4 | Get the waiter, pay 4 food
LIVE: Ordering food and drink expressions
Assignment: Restaurant practice!
Think of a restaurant you enjoy going to, or find a restaurant online that you will go to in the future! Write a dialogue to practice using some of the restaurant vocabulary you just learned. Making a reservation, ordering, paying and leaving. Good luck!
Restaurant practice!
1 question

What a café is, different types and how it's different than a "cafeteria"

Café 1 | What is a café?

How to order food and drink at a café

Café 2 | Ordering food and drink

Types of bars and clubs, vocabulary for the people who work there

Bars 1 | Types of bars, vocabulary

How to order food at a bar, what we call "bar food"

Bars 2 | How to order food

How to order drinks at a bar

Bars 3 | How to order beer (on tap, draft, bottled)
Bars 4 | How to order liquor & mixed drinks

How to pay for your food and drinks at a bar

Bars 5 | Paying and tipping
Assignment: bar and café practice!
Write some example dialogues to pretend you are at a bar or café so you can practice using these awesome vocabulary and expressions and get any important corrections before you’re actually there!
Bar and café practice!
1 question

Go bad, chip in, go Dutch, stuffed

Food & Drink Idioms
+ Travel, Transport, Directions
13 lectures 48:28

Introduction to private transportation and the types (like cars, motorcycles and others). As well, expressions to talk about the traffic

Private 1 | Motor vehicles & traffic

Types of non-motorized private transportation (walking, biking, skating, etc.) as well as expressions

Private 2 | Non-motorized transportation

What to do when you get to the airport and vocabulary for different parts of the airport

Flying 1 | Checking in, airport vocabulary

Expressions to use when getting on the plane and how to ask questions when you are flying

Flying 2 | Boarding, on-flight questions

Practice using the flying vocabulary you learned!

Assignment: Use your flying vocab!
Write a situation where you need to use the flying vocabulary we just discussed! If you aren't sure about something, just try! I will tell you if you're using it correctly or not
Flying practice!
1 question

Vocabulary and expressions to ride the bus easily and an introduction to the subway! 

Public 1 | Riding the bus

More useful expressions for the subway and how to ask questions

Public 2 | Riding the subway/metro

At a good clip, backseat driver, butt in line, on your way, live out of your suitcase

Travel idioms

How to get someone's attention in a polite way to ask for directions, express you are lost

Ask for directions | Part 1

How to ask for directions to places far away and close to you, ask in an emergency, ask to use someone's phone

Ask for directions | Part 2

Vocabulary to ask  for and give directions to people, part 1

Directions vocabulary | Part 1

Vocabulary to ask for and give directions to people, part 2

Directions vocabulary | Part 2

Some more vocabulary for places on the map and finally some practice time with following directions!

Directions homework (map assignment)
+ Business English and Work
22 lectures 01:15:00

Formal greetings for people you are meeting the first time and for people you work with that need to be treated with respect

Business greetings | Part 1

'Business-casual' greetings are for people you know well or have a more relaxed relationship with, but with whom you still need to have a professional relationship

Business greetings | Part 2
Assignment: cultural differences
I told you one important aspect of doing business in the US, the handshake! What about where you're from? Or related to the type of work that you do, what is an important aspect of business communication that is different in other regions or in other types of work?
Cultural differences
1 question

Explain your job and the type of work you do

Describe your work
Assignment: Describe your work!
Tell me about the type of work you do. What field or area of wok do you work in and what is your specific position. Or what do you hope it will be in the future? Look forward to seeing your response!
Describe your work
1 question

The rules for how to greet people at work that you see everyday

Greetings for people you see often

What is small talk? When to use it? How to use it? What topics to talk about for small talk and how to be good at making small talk!

Preview 03:35

Topics to avoid when making small talk, how to have fun with small talk!

Small talk 2 | The complete guide
Small talk 3 | The complete guide
Assignment: Prepare some small talk!
Imagine we are meeting for the first time in some type of business context. What small talk topics can you prepare and have ready? Have at least 3!
Prepare some small talk!
1 question

Bring something to the table, in the long run, land something, payoff, word of mouth

Marketing idioms

(not) All it's cracked up to be, deliver the goods, in the pipeline, selling point, sold on something

Sales idioms

Ball is in your court, beat around the bush, call someone's bluff, common ground

Negotiation idioms | Part 1
Negotiation Idioms | Part 2
Practice using the idioms you've learned so far by writing some example sentences.
Negotiation practice
1 question
Homework: Negotiation practice

Hold a meeting, have the floor, put something on the table, move that, follow up meeting

Meeting idioms | Part 1
Meeting idioms | Part 2
Assignment: Business idioms practice!
Practice using the idioms you just learned so that you are more than capable to use and understand them! Only focus on the ones you think you are likely to use for the types of business situations you most often find yourself in, or think you will find yourself in, in the future!
Business idioms practice!
1 question
Job interview | Part 1
Job interview | Part 2
Job interview | Part 3
Job interview | Part 4
The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice. So using the questions from the previous videos try writing your own responses! If you have any other interview questions you want help with, put them here and I'll add them to the next interview video!
Answer some interview questions!
7 questions