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Recognize and correct common subject-verb agreement and tense problems in conversational English
Distinguish different uses of prepositions and positions of adjectives in sentences
Apply correct grammar in sentence completion, organization, and construction
Identify the guiding rules in creating correct, clear, and effective sentences
Utilize the basic rules of grammar as guiding principles to communicating clearly


  • Must have a conversational knowledge of English


The key to clear communication relies on the correct usage of words and sentence structure. Grammar has rules for a reason. It is simply to provide a specific meaning to a message we would like to relay. In this module, we will be sharing some of the most important rules of Grammar like tense-aspect and subject-verb agreement. You will discover that the verb should have a form that matches the doer of the action in a sentence specific to whether it is singular or plural. You will learn that we can further describe a subject or even a verb, thanks to the modifiers in a sentence. We will be explaining (extensively) the tense-aspect system. You will learn that it is not enough that we talk about the past, present, and future. There are rules explaining verb usage in different situations. You will realize that the English language can explain every message you would like convey.

This course is intended for learners who have some knowledge of English enough to understand its grammar rules. It is beneficial for anyone at any age. The knowledge we have here were derived from elementary books so this can definitely be understood even by grade schoolers. Adults who would like to pass English exams like IELTS, call center applicants and employees are just some examples of people who could benefit from this course. If you are in a foreign country and find it difficult to communicate with the people, this can also be the solution to your problem.

Who this course is for:

  • IELTS takers
  • Call Center Applicants
  • anyone who would like to improve their English communication skills


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Maria Christina Amansec or "Tina" has been teaching English for over 22 years now. She has taught in different parts of the world and has shared her expertise to different industries, levels, and ages. Her experience also includes lesson creation, curriculum development, and research.  She now manages her company called Optimal Training and Development Services providing different trainings to individuals.

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