English Grammar in Simple Urdu / Hindi: Parts of Speech

Simple-to-understand easy lectures on English Parts of Speech for Urdu /Hindi speaking beginners
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English Grammar in Simple Urdu
English Grammar in Simple Hindi


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This course aims at imparting understanding about English grammar for the beginners who can speak and understand Urdu or Hindi only. Every care was made that the lectures should be very simple and easy-to-understand for otherwise complex concepts of English grammar, taking in mind that there are large number of slow learners in the classes in India and Pakistan.

The course encompasses the entire understanding of the classes or parts of speech. Every part of speech is taught in detail and source files are made available for the learners so that they may easily get what is taught in the video.

Course contents

1. Nouns and its kinds

2. Personal pronouns, its cases, persons and compound personal pronouns

3. Relative compound relative and interrogative pronouns

4. Reflexive, Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns

5. Verb, tense, aspect, copulative, auxiliaries and modal auxiliaries

6. Adjectives, degrees of adjectives, adjective and syllables and regular and irregular

7. Adverb, its kinds, degree modifiers, adverb of time, place, manner and frequency

8. Preposition, types and uses, prepositions for time, places, directions, possessions and purpose, phrasal and compound prepositions

9. Articles, definite and indefinite articles, 2 pronunciations of definite article, concept of vowel and consonants

10. Conjunctions, coordinators and subordinators, conjunctions in pairs, kinds of sentences and clauses

11. Interjections, concepts and uses

Who this course is for:

  • Hindi Students of English Grammar
  • Pakistani Students of English Grammar
  • Beginners in English Grammar
  • Students of English Grammar
  • Urdu Students of English Grammar
  • Indian Students of English Grammar


English Grammar in simple Urdu / Hindi
Nazir Ahmad
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
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  • 1,183 Students
  • 8 Courses

I am serving as Assistant Professor of English in Higher Education Department for the last 15 years. I have been more concerned about delivering the concepts, however complex ones, in simplest possible way. My usual focus are the slow learners, that’s why you will find my lectures very simple and easy-to-understand even for the complex concepts.

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