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Basic Knowledge of English used in a Professional Environment
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Participants will learn the basic knowledge of English that is often used in a professional environment where they need it in the work environment
Learning the Topic of Features Of Business Communication
Learning the Topic of Email And Emerging Social Media For Different Communicative Purposes
Learning the Topic of Conveying Negative And Goodwill Messages
Learning the Topic of Persuasive Messages: Sales Correspondence And Job Applications
Learning the Topic of Persuasive Messages: Enquiry And Invitation Messages
Learning the Topic of Formal Business Reports/Proposals
Learning the Topic of Public Speaking: Speech Purpose
Learning the Topic of Public Speaking: Writing Your Speech
Learning the Topic of Public Speaking: Delivery Techniques
Learning the Topic of Technical Presentations Techniques
Learning the Topic of Business meetings and negotiations
Learning the Topic of Employment and appraisal interviews


  • Have English basic skills that are already owned such as the basics of English grammar, listening skills of English words and various required vocabularies.


For most Indonesians, English is considered difficult to learn. However, when entering the world of professional career and business, and in the era of this globalized world, the ability to communicate in English is highly essentials. The increased connectivities in this world, with the existence of the Internet, opens the opportunities for Indonesia's young generation to work at any countries in the world. In order to be able to survive in a global environment, learning basic English communication is needed as an essential skill.

For those of you who are just started learning English, it might be a bit difficult to start. However, if you can at least listen to conversations and can catch about 70% of what people are speaking in English, it's important to continue building your skills even further. Learner of this course should have at least basic English skills, such as basic knowledge in English grammar, basic listening skills and sufficient vocabularies understanding. If these are not yet acquired, it is advisable to take the basic knowledge and skills of English.

This course is focused on providing the skills to communicate in English with more confidence in professional life and work environment. With an emphasis on communication skills in English, preparing and presenting in English, writing effective messages, using skills for interviewing and looking for work, negotiating, and mastering Public Speaking, learner will learn the necessities for working purpose.

Enjoy your learning experience in this course!

Who this course is for:

  • University students and graduates who have recently graduated and need basic knowledge of English for Business.


Yenni Djajalaksana, SE, MBA, Ph.D. Lecture, Consultant
Yenni Merlin Djajalaksana
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Yenni is currently a full-time faculty member at the Information Systems Study Program at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung where she has started her academic career since 2000. She graduated from Oregon State University MBA and University of South Florida Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She is also an entrepreneur, owning Retail Business for Baby Supplies in several locations in Bandung. With her knowlendge, she also acts as a Business Consultant in the area of ​​Digital Marketing and Sales Improvement. Her previous experience in the business world was as a Director of a PMA company engaged in women's fitness or fitness, part of a global fitness chain, in 2017-2021. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from AAPM, Certified Public Speaker (registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights), and a Certified Professional Coach from ICF. One of her hobbies is public speaking, and she is active in the Toastmaters International organization, as a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM).

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