Passive Income: Employee's Guide to Financial Independence

Learn to build Long-term wealth and invest your way to financial freedom
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Understand the fundamentals of passive income
Calculate amount needed for emergency fund
Know a handful of ways to increase short-term income
Have clear path of how to set out increasing long-term wealth


  • Requires a thirst for learning the ways of passive income and a want for becoming financially independent


This courses includes the fundamentals of passive income, decreasing expenses, building an emergency fund, increasing short-term income and increasing long-term income.

Decreasing expenses allows for more money to be left at the end of each month, and the methods of doing so are taught within this course, along with how to effectively build an emergency fund where you would have enough money to live off for 3-6 months if you find yourself unable to work, and how to increase your income and invest your time and money effectively to build your long-term wealth and work towards becoming financially independent.

In section two, your new found knowledge is put to use and you apply what you have learnt with an excel document where you enter your monthly income and expenses to calculate how much you should save for your emergency fund, what of your income you should set aside for investing and how long it would take to build your emergency fund with this income put aside.

You learn a wide variety of options of how to make money with the fundamentals at the centre you get a grasp on what is required to successfully invest and build income-producing assets which will benefit you for yours to come. And the immediate options for increasing your income are covered to help you see that a part-time job is not the only way to make some extra money, with your hobbies being possible sources of income from side hustles and freelancing.

Who this course is for:

  • Those seeking to improve their financial stability
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees


Connor Felix
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 36 Reviews
  • 1,520 Students
  • 1 Course

I have been building income producing assets since 2019, sharing the wonders of passive income and financial independence is my passion.

Sharing how to make passive income and build towards financial independence is a gift in and of itself and I am fortunate to how discovered it.

Financial freedom is possibly one of the best personal finance aims for a modern employee.

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