Emotional Intelligence

how to use EI for better life.
How to be successful at personal and professional life with the help of Emotional Intelligence[EI ]
Utilization of EI for better life.


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This course is helpful for all age group people. Anyone can go through the videos , there is no prerequisite for the same like age, Gender or minimum qualification such restriction is not there. First video is introductory. This helps in understanding the concept EI [emotional intelligence].Second video helps to clarify the difference between EQ and IQ. Third video is self-assessment tool. There 50 questions and recording of answers are very simple. Score will be generated and it will be helpful for better understanding of oneself.

These video is like self-help book. This will be helpful for all the viewers to judge thyself in the better manner and also practical tips has been shared which be supportive to cope up the situation and to understand the negative points as well as strength of the person.

1) Problem like - how to deal with difficult people can be minimizing by way of understanding of emotional intelligence.

2) Stress level will be reduce. Mental as well as physical health will be improved with the best utilization of this magical tool.

Instructions -While going through third video viewers should be alert.  they should be faithful towards  the answers. so that correct identification takes place.

This video is useful for all viewers.

All the best.

Who this course is for:

  • Any age group person can join and learn this magical way to improve the results.

Course content

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  • Introduction
  • Emotional Intelligence -2
  • Emotional Intelligence -3
  • Emotional Intelligence -4
  • Emotional Intelligence -5
  • Emotional Intelligence -6


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I am management faculty. Teaching is my hobby. I have twenty years of experience. By way of this course, I can connect with more people. This course is helpful for everyone in any age group.

There are three videos.

The first video is introductory.

The second video is helpful for the viewers to make out the difference between IQ and EQ. At the same time, it clears the myths about EI.

A third video is a self-assessment tool. Which include a questionnaire and self-help scorecard.