Emotional Eating - Self Assessment

Understand your relationship with food. Do you use food or drink to nourish your body or to numb your emotions?
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Increase your self awareness on how you have been responding to stressful situations
Discover your reasons for eating
Understand whether you eat to nourish your body or to numb your emotions
Discover if you have been eating or drinking away your emotions
Consider alternative productive ways of dealing with your emotions
Discover how intermittent fasting can help you manage your emotional eating
Learn how intermittent fasting has helped many others to manage emotional eating
Acquire basic understanding about intermittent fasting
Get an appreciation and preview of the Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Coaching Program
Appreciate that intermittent fasting is a health and wellness program, with a side effect of weight loss


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This Emotional Eating and Food Anxiety Assessment will help you find out whether your eating habits are a result of a more deep - rooted issue. It will provide you with a thought provoking chance to examine your relationship with food and thus increasing your self awareness. You will also learn how intermittent has helped me and others to overcome emotional eating. You will also learn how to establish a good relationship with food and manage your eating habits so that you can be control of yourself.

Is Your Relationship with Food Healthy Or Is It Damaging?

Find Out Now and Liberate Yourself!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to understand their eating habits
  • Individuals who want to increase their eating habits self awareness
  • Those that desire to take necessary steps towards liberating themselves from emotional eating


Author, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Leadership and Life Coach,
Rachel Nekati
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I am a Published Author, Entrepreneur, Accredited Management Training Consultant, Leadership Coach, CBT Life Coach and Wellness Coach. I am the Author of a life changing book ; Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle. As a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a Training Consulting Company;  Achievement Enterprises, my main focus is to increase self awareness and transform peoples lives.

Having been coaching many people around the world on various self development and leadership principles, it is my personal objective to help people with my practical and interactive online courses to become the best versions of themselves.


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