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Setting up email marketing system using Get Response
System that generate traffic to your email list
A Workable Email Marketing System
How to create a landing page
How to automate email sent to audience


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This is a mini course that show you how to sell your product/services without having a website.In this Email Marketing Without Web Site mini course you are going to learn below valuable information:

1) How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

2) How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

3) How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

4) How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

5) Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

And So much more!!!!

How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

In this email marketing mini course , you get to learn how does actually an effective email marketing system should works .And this is the fundamental that a email marketers need to learn or master ,if they want to do well in email marketing. There are alot of different email marketing system out there that you can refer to , in this Email Marketing without Web Site course , i will share with you what works for most email marketers. Eventually , you will learn which email marketing system works best for you .

How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

I have been using get response email marketing for 9 months now , previously I have used others email marketing tools as well , however , there are either too complicated to use or just too expensive  .

Get response is just like others email marketing tools such as mailchimp or click funnel ,but get response is way more simple to use , cheaper  and most importantly it works the same like others email marketing tools .

Just like others email marketing tools , get response able to help you to create email marketing , auto funnel , landing page, marketing automation ,webinars and also other essential email marketing function .

Lets look at the price.

The Cheapest get response email marketing services start from $15 per month .I will highly recommend you to start with a basic account for now .As your email list grow , you can consider upgrade to plus account .

You need to register a free 30 days trial with get response now , as I am going to guide how to use get response to run and sell your products by using email marketing .

How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

When talking about email marketing , a lot of gurus try to complicate things and make it so difficult for people like me , that do not have any IT background ,hard to understand , and worst is that we are scare to even start one.

One of the goal of this course is to teach you the easiest way to start email marketing ,and also thoroughly understand the process of email marketing without making it complicated like building a rocket.

So , in a simple term ,email marketing means ,you promote and sell your products through sending email . Yes It is just that simple , however , it sounds simple until you do it . Therefore , I encourage you to sign up a 30 days free get response email marketing account and follow my step by step guide in this course , and I can guarantee that you will have a successful email marketing system when you finish this course.

So , you need a system in order to make your email marketing a highly effective tools in generating revenue

Email marketing is a must for every business owner , no matter you are selling on shopify , doing dropshipping , affiliate marketing , basically every single online business , must use email marketing , as it is one of the most effective way of selling .

How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

I still remember that when I started to learn about online business , the very first thing that I learn is email marketing . At that time , I find it really hard to understand how does things works . There are just too many theory and different method in doing it

However , when I really get my hands on starting my very fist email marketing campaign , I realize that the fundamental of email marketing divided into 2 things.

And these are 2 very important thing about email marketing that you need to master in order to be successful in email marketing .



If you look at it , the art of making people subscribe to your email list is the very first step of building your client base, without client base , you wont be making any money .

So, once you have mastered the art of making people subscribe to your email list , the very next thing that you need to learn is the art of copy writing . You need to learn how to convince people to buy your product through email ,without them even seeing you in real life .

Copy writing can be define as making money by words . How well you can convince your audience through wordings email , dictate how good you are in email marketing .

Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

At the bonus session of this course , you will get to join my exclusive business mastermind group and also others great resources that able to help you in starting and running a successful online business.

What are you waiting for? Lets enroll in this Email Marketing Without website online course

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