English Listening Practice: The Money Fight

Listen to REAL Podcast and Do REAL Exercises
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LISTEN to native speakers speaking naturally through the tricks I teach
LEARN how to SPEAK about "The Money Fight" in English using these words and expressions
UNDERSTAND tricks and techniques for having better listening skills
PRACTICE listening with real activities that students do in real classrooms


  • You should have at least an Intermediate level English listening
  • It would help to have some interest in Mayweather/McGregor


Are you tired of boring listening activities that you don't care about? Over 100 MILLION PEOPLE are interested in the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor boxing fight coming up. Are you one of them? That is what these listening extracts are about. Listen to these real listening excerpts and boost your English to new world.


You will hear real podcasts and programs and you will do real listening activities that I do in the classroom. This course is divided into sections, and each section is like its own individual listening class. How much do English classes cost near you? I've designed these courses to be fun and interactive. Each section has a different style listening activity to keep you engaged.


Each section is broken down in at least 3 parts:

- Main listening - Interview or Conversation with an activity 

- Answers - I breakdown the answers and explain why they are the answers just like in a classroom

- Language Highlight - We look at specialized words or expressions to help you grow in your fluency and understand the listening better.

**If you're more advanced and confident in your listening, do the Main Listening first. If you're less advanced, do the Language Highlight first, so you know some of the difficult vocabulary, and then do the Main Listening.


- 2 hours of video instruction and AUTHENTIC LISTENING practice

- ENGAGING ACTIVITIES that are used in the classroom

- An e-workbook to write down your answers or follow along

- INTERACTIVE model to help you practice

Sign up, test your listening, and learn about The Money Fight

Who this course is for:

  • English students who want to improve their listening
  • People who want to hear guided listening about "The Money Fight"

Course content

7 sections23 lectures1h 54m total length
  • Introduction
  • About This Course
  • Mayweather Advantages
  • McGregor Advantages


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