Electromagnetic Tutorials part 1 with MATLAB & GeoGebra

Vector algebra with MATLAB
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Use Matlab and GeoGebra to draw and solve vector problems
Use vectors technique to solve electromagnetic problems
Dot products and its applications
Cross products and its applications
Scalar and Vector Triple Product


  • Secondary school vectors knowledge


Electromagnetic tutorial to learn how to use mathematical skills for solving Electromagnetic problems from Coulomb's Law to Maxwell's equations , 

this is the first course out of 9 Parts, ( all from sadiku book: elements of electromagnetic)

CH 1: Vector Algebra

CH 2: Coordinate Systems and Transformations

CH 3: Vector Calculus

CH 4: Electro Static Fields

CH 5: Electric Fields in Material Space

CH 6: Electro Static Boundary-Value Problems

CH 7: Magneto Static Fields

CH 8: Magnetic Forces Materials and Devices

CH 9: Maxwell’s Equations 

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electronic engineers
  • physics students

Course content

6 sections22 lectures2h 46m total length
  • Magnitude of a Vector & its Unit Vector MATLAB & GeoGebra
  • Magnitude of a Vector & its Unit Vector
  • Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
  • Addition and Subtraction of Vectors MATLAB & GeoGebra
  • Distance Between Two Points
  • Distance Between Two Points MATLAB & GeoGebra


Electronic Engineer Graduate
Husain Habib
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B.SC in Electronic Engineering from 2017

Electronic and Electrical Engineering major maybe considered as difficult major for many students

And because I like teaching, I hope someday to make a complete  tutorials for all the subjects I studied in university and put them online to help the undergraduate students to understand the subjects and pass their exams

I will put courses in my site (but because it is not ready yet ) I will put my first course here and in YouTube

the first course will be electromagnetic. I choose it because its a tough subject for many students

Matlab and a graphing software (GeoGebra) will be used in the courses