Electrical Vehicle Technology.

Potential of EV, Fast DC recharging station, Lithium Ion battery used in EV, Solar EV Eco-friendly.
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Electrical Vehicle Technology eco-friendly vehicles


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1) Introduction, Historical background of the automobile industry in India, Present status of automobile sector in Indian market, Indian automatic market review, first quarter of FY20 declined the graph of automotive industries, Global Electric Vehicle market, Indian Electric Vehicle market, Electric Vehicle annual sales volume by type in India, Automotive Mission Plan, challenges of electrical vehicles in India, high product cost, range of vehicle in Indian market (2020), unavailability of charging infrastructure, range anxiety, refueling time, future of EV market in India, optimize vehicle cost, feasibility of charging infrastructure, bridging refueling time gap, opportunities in the field of electrical vehicle component, etc.

2) Electrical vehicle fast DC recharging station:- Block diagram of fast DC Charging station, DC to AC converters, DC to DC converters, comparison of energy storage systems, Lithium Ion batteries are very useful in EV, battery parameters, converters sizing, control systems of DC to DC and DC to AC converters, formulas for finding power of EV, apparent power, program of MATLAB, find out inductors and capacitors values for grid and battery side calculated and choose values, PID controllers diagrams with control system, simulation of program, simulation results, all waveforms of EV1 and EV2, active power and reactive power graphs, final simulation result in Total Harmonics Deduction (THD) with nyquist graph, reduce charging time, use ultra fast charging to electrical vehicle.

3) This video contains: History of electrical vehicle, comparison between Lead acid batteries, Sodium sulphur (NaS) batteries, Metal Air batteries, Li-Ion batteries, Flow battery, Super-capacitors, Flywheel Energy Storage batteries, Lithium ion battery parameters, Global electric vehicle battery world market survey from 2014 to up to 2020, Lithium ion battery is the future of automotive batteries, Research on Lithium ion battery in Springer journal, Future of Electrical Vehicles, and many more things, etc.

4) Solar Electrical Vehicle Technology: History of solar vehicles, Need of solar powered vehicles, Mechanism of SEV, Components used, Solar panel, Power tracker, Batteries, Motor controller, DC motor, Road performance test, etc.

5) This video contains: Types of Electrical Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicle, Plug in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles, Hybrid Electrical Vehicles, Someone asked you why Electrical Vehicles this question answer, Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrical Vehicles, Hybrid Electrical Vehicles is combination of Electrical Motor and I. C. Engine. Electrical Vehicles are Eco-friendly cars, and many more things.

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  • Quiz on potential of electrical vehicle in Indian market.
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  • Potential of Electrical Vehicle in Indian Market.


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