Psychic Abilities and Increased Intuition with EFT (Tapping)
4.6 (1,861 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
12,198 students enrolled

Psychic Abilities and Increased Intuition with EFT (Tapping)

Open your intuition and psychic channels: clair-audience, clair-voyance, etc. with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
4.6 (1,861 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
12,198 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Increase your psychic and intuitive skills, using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping.
  • Activate Clair-Audience, Clair-Voyance, Clair-Cognizance and Clair-Sentience channels to increase your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Reduce and activate your channels of empathy to help find your equilibrium with your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Expand your dream channels to help with increased premonitions during sleep time.
  • Remove fear from seeing or hearing dead people and/or spirits (using EFT).
  • Know how to become a paid intuitive and psychic.
  • Remove blockages from you body with EFT, so your intuition development and psychic abilities are flowing freely.
  • Ethics and integrity when expanding your intuition and psychic abilities using EFT.
  • Get several bonuses and handouts to help increase your intuition and psychic abilities even more.
  • Some students have reported immediate opening of their intuitive and psychic channels. However, this course will not make you an intuitive or psychic person immediately or even over night. It takes work. This course is to help you remove blockages by means of EFT, which may be preventing you from accessing your intuitive channels and psychic abilities.

Over 9,000 satisfied intuitive EFT students! Over 1,200 five-star reviews!


"This course is helping me to be completely honest with myself. It's like a spiritual self-help course of what I haven't brought to the surface. My fears and doubts have been blocking my gifts. Thank you for this course, it's truly helping me." Susana Garcia


"The first exercise worked right away for me early on in the course. I’m very excited about learning the rest of this course and seeing how it can help me discover my gifts." Marla Vina


If you are interested in using EFT (also known as tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique) to helping you expand your intuition and your psychic abilities, then you are in the right place!

  • Would you like to be more in touch with your intuitive channels and know things ahead of time?

  • Would you like to connect with the spirit world or perhaps an ancestor whose past away and know exactly what's being said?

  • Would you like a little more guidance from your higher self, your guides or non-human Beings?

  • Do you want to expand your psychic abilities and maybe even become a paid psychic or intuitive?

  • Or perhaps you are in the field of energy healing and want to learn how to use your intuition to helping your clientele?

Then you will love this course!

We will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, to remove blockages that prevent you from accessing your intuitive channels and your psychic abilities.

We will cover the four major 'clairs,' also known as:

  1. Clair-Audience

  2. Clair-Voyance

  3. Clair-Sentience

  4. Clair-Cognizance

We will then active these psychic channels one by one.

We will also activate your dream channels by helping your expand and develop your premonitions and help increase your confidence and self-esteem in reading and trusting your intuitive guidance.

You will also learn what intuition sounds like and what exactly psychic abilities are, so you will be able to decipher whom is talking to you at any given time or where the information is coming from in the first place.

For those who are already very empathic, no worries. I will teach you how to use EFT (tapping) to turn up or tone down your levels of empathy so you are not constantly overwhelmed and overstimulated by the emotions of others.

You will also learn how to decipher what is 'your stuff' and what is 'their stuff.' No longer get overwhelmed with way too much information. Learn how to separate and compartmentalize by learning how to use EFT to stay neutral and detached.

Please note that some students have reported immediate success after just the first EFT session, while others do not see immediate results. If you are already aware of your intuition then you may notice a significant increase in your intuition development and psychic abilities.

If you are new to intuition development, you may see slower progress. Please note that this is for your benefit and your protection! You do not want your intuitive channels to be wide open too soon, as it will only overcharge your systems and cause you to feel overwhelmed. You will learn how to expand your intuition channels and psychic abilities slowly, steadily and safely. Trust that your soul knows the way...

Join us today - learn how to use EFT to help you become more intuitive and more psychic.


"Awesome class. Very informative. I could instantly feel a difference when I started doing this technique. Loved it!" Rev. Jacqueline Schlessinger, CHT


"I really enjoy this training and find my comfort level is increasing and am looking forward to developing my Clairs to help others. I love the options we are given on which channels we are comfortable opening. Thank you for this amazing training." Laura Reed


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Who this course is for:
  • Those wanted to increase their intuitive and psychic channels with EFT.
  • Anyone interested in using a simple, free and quick tool (EFT) to developing their personal and spiritual development.
  • Those interested in expanding their dream state and open their premonitions, with EFT.
Course content
Expand all 44 lectures 03:20:40
+ Course Overview - EFT, Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities
5 lectures 09:19

EFT tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a simple and effective way to helping you unlock your intuitive abilities and psychic channels.

Everyone uses their "gut feeling" or their instant insights when going about their day-to-day life. With this intuition development course I will help you open your intuitive channels and psychic abilities in a careful, strategic way by means of EFT tapping.

This video will give you the overview of this intuition training course.

Preview 03:11

Before we get started with this intuition development course, let me show you a tapping technique that is sure to help activate your psychic abilities, in particular your dream state.

Please note that everyone already has intuitive abilities and psychic channels. The only difference between you and someone who seems more or less intuitive than you are is the mere fact that they have less (or more) blockages between their consciousness and their subconscious, and they have managed to get out of the way of 'ego' who so lovingly stands guard to making sure that we dismiss our intuitive insights time and time again.

This intuition development course will help you tap as close as possible as we can get to your pineal and pituitary glands, and in doing so you will experience greater access to your dream world.

Please note that you can do this exercise once or twice a day. However, from experience of teaching this technique to thousands of students I know that you may want to start out doing this exercise just once a week and then increase it to twice a week, etc., until you are comfortable with the amount of intuitive hits that come through.

Some students have reported dreams becoming so frequent and intense that it was too overwhelming for them to keep up. Use wisdom and see how it goes tonight, after your first exercise.

If you already have an active dream world and you are fairly intuitive and get plenty of insights, you may want to skip this exercise for now and come back to this exercise towards the end of the course when you have learned how to tap down your intuitive abilities, in particular your empathy levels.

Preview 05:03

There are countless intuitive channels to draw information from. The most commons onces are clair-audience, clair-voyance, clair-sentience, and clair-cognizance. Let's explore.

Download this document where I will give you more information about the intuition channels called clair-voyance, clair-audience, clair-sentience, and clair-cognizance. There are countless more. In fact, I teach a course called "Intuition Development - Introducing The 12 Intuitive Channels."

The major clairs mentioned above are the most important and most influential ones to developing your psychic abilities. We will be using EFT tapping to open those specific channels.

Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Clair-Audience, Clair-Voyance, Clair-Sentience
2 pages

If you have never taken a course with me, this video will help you familiarize yourself with your student console so your experience taking this intuition development course is a great one.

If you have questions pertaining to the course, just place them in the discussion area.

Course Console for Increased Intuition and Psychic Abilities with EFT
8 pages

To help you maximize the outcome of your intuition development and help you increase your psychic abilities using EFT, please read through this lecture where I will share with you my personal goals for you.

Course Goals & Expectations To Help You Use EFT To Expand Your Psychic Abilities
+ What is EFT Tapping and How Can It Help Expand Your Intuition and Psychic Gifts?
4 lectures 08:04

In this video I will share with you how and why EFT Tapping works. Then we will continue in applying EFT tapping by activating your intuition and psychic abilities.

Preview 04:05

Let's go over the basic EFT tapping points. Advanced EFT points are covered at the end of this course. Then we will join the EFT tapping points by connecting them to your intuitive channels, such as clair-voyance, clair-audience, and so on.

EFT Tapping Points And Your Physical Body

Print this page and keep it handy until you have memorized the EFT points. It will come in handy when you do your own EFT tapping sessions, whether you want to expand your psychic abilities or work on emotional healing or spiritual healing.

EFT Tapping Points - Downloadable EFT PDF File (Print This)
1 page

To help you understand that there is measurable proof in applying EFT tapping points, download this magazine article.

To read proof that EFT tapping works to increasing your intuitive channels and expand your psychic gifts, simply read the countless student stories inside the Q&A area. Also read the student testimonials.

Downloadable Scientific Proof That EFT Tapping Works (PDF File)
2 pages
+ The Importance of Confidence When Developing Your Intuition and Psychic Ability
2 lectures 08:22

Did you know that a confident intuitive is a more accurate intuitive?

Not trusting your intuitive insights, your intuitive "hits" or your psychic abilities serve to block further intuitive information from coming through. The more confident you are in your intuitive abilities and psychic gifts, the more accurate you will be with your insights, your premonitions and your channeling 'unseen' information.

Confidence and Your Intuition Development and Psychic Abilities - An Overview

Let's activate your confidence channels when receiving intuitive insights by means of EFT.

You can repeat this EFT tapping session as often as you like, or use your own wording and create your own EFT tapping sessions to helping you become a more confident psychic and intuitive.

Activation with EFT - The Confident Intuitive and Psychic
+ Learning How To Trust Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities by using EFT.
3 lectures 21:26

Are you afraid to see things you don't really want to see?

Fear of the unseen is a major factor of why people are not seeing intuitive information as clearly as they would like to.

Often students tell me that they have a great desire to be intuitive, to become a paid psychic even, but they refuse to see any darkness and only want to see light beings.

That's like going into a relationship with a loved one and saying that you refuse to weather any storms with them and that all you want is bliss and good times with them. If ever you have been in a relationship with someone, which I dare say is everyone, then you know that your relationship only gets stronger when you figure our how to see the darkness in the other person and have the courage to show your own darkness to them. If you both can do so and stick around, that's a relationship that is built on trust, transparency and it will stand the test of time.

Seeing the unseen world, all of it, works in a similar way. Just like you would not go into a relationship with just anyone, you don't have to accept just anything you see from the unseen world. Seeing it and acknowledging that it exists doesn't mean you have to have it close by or accept it in your daily life. No. You merely acknowledge it, try to understand it and then make the conscious decision that you choose to work as a balance worker, always maintaining the equilibrium of all that is good.

Being psychic and using your intuition comes with tremendous responsibilities. The more you are willing to see all of it while remaining unattached and neutral, the more you can help bring true emotional and spiritual healing.

Hopefully this EFT tapping session can prepare you to have courage to open your psychic channels.

Intuition and Removing the Fear of the Unseen - Preparing For Your EFT Sessions

Let's prepare your body and mind to start receiving information by means of EFT tapping.

Follow me along as I use EFT tapping to tap away any blockages that might be hindering from psychic information to come through.

EFT To Help Clean The Slate - Unblocking Your Psychic Channels with EFT Tapping

Trusting your intuition is most important in becoming more intuitive. So many psychics and intuitives don't trust the information they are receiving. They 'hear' or 'see' or 'feel' and yet they don't trust the information.

This EFT tapping session is geared to helping you remove this lack of trust so that all that remains is you trusting the information that wants to come through.

Tapping (EFT) To Help You Trust Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities
+ Be Careful What Intuitive and Psychic Channels You Activate with EFT Tapping
1 lecture 07:49

This particular lesson came as a result of feedback from a student who applied EFT tapping to expand their psychic abilities and open their intuitive channels.

Feedback from an EFT Student with Open Intuitive Channels and Psychic Abilities
+ Clair-Audience Activation Using EFT Tapping
4 lectures 10:34

Let's open your clair-audient channel and use EFT tapping to help you 'hear' what may be inaudible to others.

What Is Clair-Audience and How Can EFT Help Increase Your Clair-Audient Channel?
2 pages

This is the EFT tapping activation session to helping you open your clair-audient psychic channel.

Clair-Audience EFT Tapping Activation

Open clair-audient psychic channels can have many effects. Some students report hearing their deceased ancestors. Others hear loved ones or spirit guides.

To make the most of your EFT tapping session, get clear with what you want to hear and in what ways you want to open your clair-audience channel.

Clair-Audience - How To Use EFT to 'Hear' Dead People

How to develop your clair-audience. Print this.

Developing Your Clair-Audience with EFT Tapping (PDF Download)
2 pages

What is clair-audience?

Quiz: What Is Clair-Audience?
1 question
+ Clair-Voyance Activation with EFT (Tapping)
3 lectures 21:21

Let's activate your clair-voyance channel.

Clair-Voyance Activation with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What if you only want to see the 'light' side?

Using EFT to Open Clair-Voyance For Those Who Only Want To See The Light Side

Do you want to see the 'dark' side?

EFT To Help You Pepare To See The Dark Side - Just In Case

What is clair-voyance?

Quiz: What Is Clair-Voyance?
1 question
+ Clair-Sentience Activation Using EFT (Tapping)
5 lectures 23:50

This is an overview of the clair-sentience channel.

Using EFT To Open Your Clair-Sentience - An Overview To Expand Psychic Abilities

Are you too empathic and want to tone it down some?

Using EFT To Close Your Channels of Empathy (for those who are 'too' empathic)

Here are some extra affirmations you can use to close down some of your empathic channels.

Additional EFT Statements To Help You Close Psychic Channels of Empathy

Do you feel numb and out of touch and want to open some of your empathic channels?

How To Use EFT To Open Channels of Empathy To Increase Your Psychic Abilities

Let's activate your clair-sentient channels.

Using EFT To Activate Your Clair-Sentience Psychic Channels
+ Clair-Cognizance Activation Using EFT - For Increase Clair-Cognizant Abilities
3 lectures 18:45

This is about clair-cognizance, also known as clear-knowing.

An Overview of the Intuitive Ability Called Clair-Cognizance

Let's activate your clair-cognizance channels.

Using EFT To Activate the Psychic Ability Called Clair-Cognizance

Would you like to know with certainty if a relationship is going to make it or break it?

How to Use EFT and Clair-Cognizance For Relationships Issues

What is clair-cognizance?

Quiz: What Is Clair-Cognizance?
1 question
+ Activate Your Dream World Using EFT
2 lectures 10:25

The spirit world can easily access you within your dream world.

Understanding Intuition and Psychic Abilities Within Your Dreams - An Overview

Let's activate your dream world.

How To Use EFT To Activate Your Dreams And Your Premonitions Within Your Dreams