Effective Governance in Microsoft Azure

5 Steps to Achieve Speed and Control in Azure
5 Steps to Achieve Speed and Control in Azure


  • A solid understanding of Azure and Azure resource management.


According to Microsoft, companies around the world are responding to their customers' need for faster delivery with cloud computing. At the same time, compliance is increasingly important to ensure you have consistent standards across the environment, or to meet external needs.

Historically, companies have struggled with governance and, as a result, faced inevitable struggles:

  • Introducing the necessary control through traditional governance processes slowed down a company's ability to release new innovations, as they were often manual.

  • In some cases, companies didn't implement strong governance and, without these important controls in place, speedy development was not always compliant development.

Neither of these are ideal outcomes. It's clear that what customers need is both speed and control.

This course identifies and describes the 5 steps to satisfy the need for speed and control in Azure.

Who this course is for:

  • Azure cloud architects
  • Cloud application developers
  • Microsoft Azure Certified engineers, architects, and developers.

Course content

6 sections15 lectures1h 55m total length
  • 5 steps to achieve speed and control in Azure
  • The role of Azure Enterprise Scaffold in Cloud Governance


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