Care planning
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Care planning

UK healthcare and care planning basics
4.6 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
22 students enrolled
Created by Deborah Casey
Last updated 4/2018
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What you'll learn
  • At the end of this course students will understand the CQC requirements and legislation around care planning.
  • At the end of this course students will know what a care plan is and what to include/not include in the plan
  • At the end of this course students will know and identify different types of care plans.
  • At the end of this course students will know about consulting and including the person in creating the care plan which is person centered.
  • The student will understand the role of the care plan co-ordinator.
  • Students will understant about writing care plans; context, crisis and changes/reviewing persons needs.
  • And finally we take a SMARTER approach to care plans
  • General lilteracy skills, time and willingness to complete a journal and create a personal plan to progress and develop.
  • students to be willing to share and support each other during their learning experience.
  • A computer, printer and dedicate time to learning at their own pace.
  • To respect privacy and ensure confidentiality if sharing anecdotes.

This course primarily educates students about effective care plans in the UK health system.

We all experience health and well-being in different ways.  We can be suddenly struck down with a virus, or a fall at work.  We then have to take time off and allow ourselves to heal and recover.  Should the virus lead to serious illness, or the fall lead to a surgery then this will involve a myriad of various health professionals. Each with their own records, reports and supporting guidelines.  Transformation from health to illness to recover can be a time of great stress and it can feel as though the person is lost in the paperwork.  

In this course, which follows on from Effective communication in care, we look into effective care planning.  We look at the CQC regulations, legislation as well as what are care plans, types of care plans, what a plan of care is and not, and much more including person centered, holistic care planning.

This course now includes a section about the new laws coming into place in the UK; the General Data protection Regulations are due in force and this is a vital element to bring students up to date of this matter.  This provides an overview and links to associated sites that broaden student awareness.

I have created a manual, journal and other resources are provided to supplement and facilitate your learning experience and outcomes.  I am look forward to meeting you in this course forum and reading your anecodes - always mindful of privacy, confidentiality and data protection... And when you have completed your course I have a special free bonus gift to help you celebrate!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in health care services in the UK.
  • Anyone who wants to learn mandatory training for health care provision.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about care planning to improve their skills
Course content
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+ Who am I and how this came about!
1 lecture 05:00

Welcome.  I am Deborah Casey a qualified nurse with over 13 years experience in UK health care system both as a carer, support worker and nurse.  I have been an informal carer of my mum, children and younger siblings.  I have much to share and I have a personal agenda - to share with students mandatory training with a more.  I have created a manual, journal, as well as vidoes for your on going learning.  And here on Udemy we have a community forum where we share our insights, experience - always mindful of confidentiality, privacy and data protection.  

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+ Aims and outcomes of this course
1 lecture 01:31

My personal adgenda is to help you shine in your role as care giver.  This is an over view of the areas we cover.  The health and social care system in the UK is heavily regualated we take a look at the associated regulations and legislation; What are care plans? Types of care plan; there are various care plans from supporting a person with activities of daily living to end of life comfort care. Creating and crafting a care plan; we require basic and advanced skills for crafting a person centred, holistic care planning.  Writing good care plans, adopting 'smarter' in the creating and management of care plans.  And your free bonus recording for successfully completing the course - The nursing process that nurses use to address health care crisis, on -going and regluar care needs.  This includes the NMC regulations and guidelines.

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+ Rules, regulations and legislation
2 lectures 13:46

Legislation, regulation, standards and guidance.

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Legislation and Policy
+ What is a care plan
1 lecture 03:45

Here we take a look at what is a care plan; a legal document, that creates an agreement between service provider and user, a detailed needs assessment... The care plan is generated from the collection of data about the person whom we are to support and give care to.  This care plan belongs to the service user and as such requires skillful crafting to ensure the language used is respectful, dignifie, compassionate and kind. 

What is a care plan
+ Different types of care plan
1 lecture 04:47

There are various types of care plans that health professionals use in order to provide the agreed care the service user has identified they need help with.  Here we take a look at some of those plans, in brief.

Types of care plan
+ Crafting your care plan
2 lectures 13:06
Writing good care plans
Additional information.
+ Personalisation of care plans
2 lectures 14:32

Professionals learn how to create care plans, often there is a template design to follow.  However I believe that care plan development is a craft, requiring skill and diplomacy as the people who we write about can access and read their plans; so respect, dignity and compassion, and kindness in the wording is required after all the word, whether written or spoken has a very powerful affect upon our self belief and affects our self-esteem.

Crafting a care plan requires skill; basic skills and additional advanced skills dependent upon the type of care being provided.  Someone recieving nursing care for treatment of cancer, motor neurons disease or schizophrenia will have different care plansto reflect thos specific needs.

To ensure that the care needs of people who recieve assistance, support and help are met timely and promptly it is important to have records created that detail the care required in exact detail.  

This important process must involve the person, wherever possible, to ensure that the care delivered is agreed by them.  There may be other people that are involved with this process such as loved ones, friends and other professionals.  

It is important to review care plans on a regular basis, monthly, tri monthly or sooner if needs change or alter in anyway; this is because the plan is a living document and flexible and adaptable to changing needs.

Your personal approach
Person centred approaches
+ Smarter ways...
2 lectures 27:16

SMARTER... this is an approach that almost every health professional will have heard about... it acts as a prompt to help keep health professionals focused upon the requirements essential for the care plan.

Smarter process... 5 'W's, and 1 'H'

This is a power point presentation where we review the smarter process, includes the nursing process; forgive my husky voice I had a bit of sore throat and sinus problems... so I am now off to give myself some timely, specific care!  

Re-iterating SMARTER
+ Nursing care plans and NMC regulation
1 lecture 00:18

Here in the UK the Nursing and Midwifery council regulates the practice of nurses and midwifes with the aim to protect public.  They have provided guidance on the subject of care plans, record keeping and what is accepted quality the is expected of nurses and midwives.  In this segment students will learn about the nursing process, the NMC guidelines and regulations of record keeping and care plans.

Nursing care plans, the nursing process, eveidencing high quality care.
+ General Data Protection Regulation
1 lecture 02:11

There is new regulations about to come into affect in the UK and EU; this section provides an overview of these regulations

General data protection regulations