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what is Economics.
Understand basics of microeconomics Understand how consumers make buying decisions
Understand how consumers make buying decisions


  • A willingness to learn economics
  • The course is for beginner and there is no prior requirement just a willingness to learn economics.


Are you willing to learn economics,( these course have 100 %money back guarantee). my name is PRANAV OZA and I have 19 years of experience in teaching economics.

Welcome to my course - Basics of microeconomics : Theory of Consumer Behavior.

In this course, you will understand the theory of how consumers make buying decisions.

There are two approaches to study Consumer's Equilibrium - Utility approach and Indifference curve approach.

In this course, we will discuss the following :
What is economics?
How different and related are microeconomics and macroeconomics?
Who is a consumer, are all human beings consumers?
How can we measure consumer satisfaction?
Which approach is more realistic - Utility approach or Indifference curve approach?
If a consumer is making buying decision then how is his income affecting his decisions?
How does a consumer reach equilibrium?

Some concepts that we will use while discussing the topics mentioned above -

Rational Consumer, Total Utility, Marginal Utility, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Budget Set, Budget Line, Indifference Map and Indifference curve.

How will this course benefit you?

If you are an economics student - This will help you in gaining better clarity of concepts.

If you are someone who has a desire to learn economics - This course is the first step that you need to take to fulfill your desire, it starts from the scratch and assumes you have no knowledge of economics.

All that said, if you would like to discuss something while you are learning, please feel free to start a discussion or PM me.

Lets get started..!

Who this course is for:

  • complete beginners who want to learn economics.
  • the student who are doing there bachelors in commerce.
  • students who are doing bachelors in economics
  • students of professional exam like CA/CS/CMA and also MBA


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