Eco-Conscious Finance (Minus the Greenwashing B.S.)

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Eco-Friendly Spending Habits & Donating
The Dirty Investments of Mega-Banks
Divestment: Eco-Friendly Financial Institutions
Impact Investments for Individuals & for Foundations
Responsible Credit Cards


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Welcome to our mini-class on Eco-Conscious Finance minus the Greenwashing B.S. This class is part of our much larger course on Environmental Activism. Here's the syllabus:

  • Eco-friendly spending habits and donating

  • The dirty investments of mega-banks

  • Divestment: eco-friendly financial institutions

  • Impact investments for individuals & foundations

  • Responsible credit cards

If you are doing everything in your personal life to better the environment but your money is sitting in a bank that’s using it to blow up mountain tops, it’s time to fix that.

This mini course is meant to serve as an introduction to the topic of eco-conscious finance to help you reflect on issues you may not have been aware of and plan out how you can start taking action.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who cares about the Earth

Course content

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  • Welcome to the Mini-Course!
  • Eco-Friendly Spending Habits & Donating
  • The Dirty Investments of Mega-Banks
  • Divestment: Eco-Friendly Financial Institutions
  • Impact Investments for Individuals & for Foundations
  • Responsible Credit Cards
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Christelle Siohan
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Christelle is a bubbly environmental  educator and permaculture instructor who infuses optimism in her classes  and laughs at her own jokes. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, her  studies and career have focused on environmental protection. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and a Master's degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. She's worked at international environmental organizations including the United Nations Environment Program, Greenpeace, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and OneAction. She's the co-CEO of the Permacrafters online Eco-School. She’s  multilingual, a mama (or “Permamacita”), a beekeeper, and a foraging  enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for life.