Learning ECMAScript The Next Generation of Javascript

Start using EcmaScript in production and own projects today.
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (1,199 ratings)
24,283 students
Learning ECMAScript The Next Generation of Javascript
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (1,199 ratings)
24,283 students
Use latest version of javascript in their projects and applications
Understand how ES6 is transformed into ES5
Best approaches to convert ES6 to ES5
Intro to react with ES6


  • Mac or PC
  • Text editor
  • Basics of Javascript

Are you ready to take the next step in your applications? I am sure you always are. Join me on this course where I will teach you ECMASript new features. ES6/ES7 is the new version of JavaScript and it is awesome and if you want to become a better developer this is the right course for you.

This is not just a regular course that teaches you the new features by using JSBin or any other online interpreter. In this course you will understand how to use ES6/ES7, what are the tools available but more important how to configure it properly so you can use it in your applications after upon completing this course.

Instead of using the console provided by browsers to log the output we will write a custom logger that will log to the html page. You will also have access to the entire source code so you can compare your code with mine whenever you get stuck. If that’s not enough I will also be available to help at any time. 

Who this course is for:
  • Someone who has some programming expirience
9 sections • 37 lectures • 2h 26m total length
  • Hi
  • Browser Support and Babel
  • Environment Setup (Node.js and YARN)
  • Getting the source code on Github
  • Source Code and Project Walkthrough
  • Introduction to Modules
  • Named Exports & Imports (1)
  • Named Exports & Imports (2)
  • Default Exports & Imports
  • Variable Scope and Let Keyword
  • Constant (Const)
  • Template Literals
  • Spread Operator on Arrays
  • Spread Operator on Objects
  • Arrow Functions
  • Lexical this
  • Enhanced Object Properties
  • Destructing Assignment on Arrays
  • Destructuring Assigment on Objects
  • More on Object Destructuring
  • Function Default Parameters
  • ES6 Classes in a Nutshell
  • Lets Create some ES6 Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Static keyword (Class member methods and not instance)
  • Promises (KEYNOTE)
  • Creating our first Promise
  • Promises.All
  • Promises real example with fetch
  • Generators (Keynote)
  • Generators (The Basics)
  • More on Generators
  • Bluebird (KEYNOTE)
  • Generators, Promises and Coroutines
  • Creating React Component
  • Understanding Webpack configuration.
  • Final say

Software Engineer
Nelson Djalo
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Hi my name is Nelson and I am a software engineer . Graduated with a 1st class honours in Computer Science and in the past few years I have programmed in various programming languages such as PHP, Python, C#. Primarily I write Java and JavaScript  focusing in Distributed Systems hosted on cloud. In my spare time, I love teaching, Photography, Baking, play Football. Yes I know, I am an all-rounder!