eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory - Work From Home
4.4 (9,152 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory - Work From Home

Learn exactly how to work from home purely selling and drop shipping on eBay. No up front inventory! Basic to Advanced!
4.4 (9,151 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
39,554 students enrolled
Created by David Vu
Last updated 4/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Understand the core concepts of drop shipping
  • Start a drop shipping store within a few hours
  • Learn the formulas to making profits
  • Create systems for self sustainability
  • Earn money from your new skills
  • No experience or pre-knowledge required
  • Any computer and or Laptop - Windows or Mac
  • No special software needed, just a connection to the internet

Formerly Known As "How I made $100,000 my 1st year selling on eBay No Inventory" Course.

Special Promo Price THIS MONTH only! The price will increase by $20 on January 1st 2018!

There is a reason why this course is LITERALLY the following:

#1 TOP PAID Business Course across the board!

#1 EBAY course on the internet!

#1 MOST POPULAR Business Course across the board!

#1 HIGHEST RATINGS  and HIGHEST # of REVIEWS in the business category!

My most favorite stat, the #1 HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT COURSE! (Thank you to all the students inside the course, it is a REAL community)

Happy students = Happy reviews. The most comprehensive course with nearly 7 hours of lectures, nothing is left out in this course!

More importantly, there is a reason why you landed here today to read this. We both understand how precious time is, and I assure you I am not here to waste your time or have you waste mine. Read on.

JOIN OVER 37,000 STUDENTS across all of my courses!

We are creating a real community of online entrepreneurs.

LATEST: Course updated on May 2019 with more lectures.

Is your goal to earn more income in 2019? Can you believe how fast last year went by? If increasing your income while decreasing your work time is one of them, then look no further this course is your ticket!

You can start learning the proven methods I have used for the past 5 years to earn over $10,000 a month, that's over $100,000 a year. The infamous 6 figures everyone chases!

In 2014 I earned over $100,000 in profit my first year doing this! Please see preview video for proof of income. I'm just a normal guy if I can do it you can too.

Did you know in 2016, close to 9 billion dollars was spent on eBay alone? Currently there are 164 million people active buyers on eBay! What that means is millions of transactions happen resulting in millions of dollars in sales per day world wide! These numbers are HUGE!

So what does that spell out for you? Big opportunity! Please preview the course video (1st lecture for Free!)

I'll be frank this course is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This course outlines a simple proven way to earn a part time, or even significant full time income. Your earnings will be based on your ability to learn and EXECUTE. You can sign up for a gym membership but sitting around at home watching TV will not get you fit & in shape right?

NO hype. NO BS. NO gimmicks. You may have heard this before, however this time is different. This is a transparent gloves off A-Z 1 2 3 blueprint.

What would an extra $2,000 a month do for you & your family? How about $14,000? Would that be life changing? Keep reading! You might be saying yea right that's great for you, but could it really happen for me? I have already helped hundreds of students from all over the world do this and receive messages daily from them with their success stories and sales!

This business requires very little time which gives you something more precious than money…TIME FREEDOM! Think about what you could do if you had that? You could spend more time with your family, travel, or finally pursue that passion you have always wanted to.

Be one of the students to enroll and learn all of my closely guarded secrets! Am I going to guarantee you overnight success? Absolutely not, that would be unrealistic, we're all mature enough to know that there are no guarantees in life. Anyone promising that is lying. This is a real business that requires real work that can take months to even a year to produce the income you're looking for. Here is what I can promise you…

If you're coach-able with a good attitude, a willingness to work, and you follow my system you will earn income. Even after your first 90 days the profits can be awesome!

How much capital will you need to invest to start? Next to nothing, because the strategy I use requires no up front capital!

What you will learn:

1. How to setup an eBay store and optimize the correct settings

2. The core concepts of Drop Shipping

3. The core concepts of creating a "Lifestyle Business"

4. A view of my store, products I sell, eBay back office.

5. Why and where I source products from

6. How to scale up your business to work 15 mins a day or less

7. Start to finish guide on how to do every aspect of the business

…and much more!

What you will need:

1. A computer or laptop

2. Open minded

3. 5-10 hours per week to start, you must master the skills before you can teach someone else to do it. Then it can be 15 minutes a day of maintenance.

What you will get:

1. On going support from me through the Udemy platform including chat discussions and private messages. One caveat: Im human and not a robot so response times may vary especially if we're in different times zones.

2. My formulas and systems I have created for success

I applaud you for reading this far. This course will be unlike anything you have ever seen, and is a simple business model just about anyone can run.

What's my motivation for teaching it? I have always been passionate about helping others, and in the past 2 years I have had my first real taste of it. I personally mentored 6 of my close friends (students) with this system but on another business to see if it was truly duplicateable, and it is! Two out of the 6 are making over $100,000 a year. One of them did it in their 1st year making $114,000 in profit! Now as an update since the launch of this course, literally hundreds and hundreds of students are making $500-1000 per month. Some have even reported making $4000-5000 per month! All the case studies have been tested hundreds of times and it works. The only missing ingredient is for you to get in and work it!

It brings me much joy to hear their success stories and their expressed gratitude warms my heart.

Reminder: Udemy has an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! I will stress this as well and stand behind this course, if you feel that you have gained NO VALUE at all within 30 days, I will personally guarantee you a refund! I am confident in what I have created. This course took several weeks, 8-10 hours per day, recording and editing. I have poured my heart and soul into this course and left nothing on the table. Everything I know and have done is all here.

Lets create your success story together! Click on the “take this course" link at the top right of this page right NOW! Don't let another minute go by not living your dreams. Enroll right away to be one of our students in our online entrepreneur community, and stake your claim in this wide open market!

David Vu

Serial Entrepreneur, Fisherman, World Traveler, Happiness Ambassador


Here is a review from one of my students that just blows me away. We have created THOUSANDS of success stories similar to this. Shaine Warren is a real student on Udemy, message her! :)

Shaine writes: Made over $5,000 and Quit my 'Day Job' :)

This course has literally changed my life for the better. David does an awesome job teaching this system and makes it really easy to follow. Plus he is very active in the discussion board and always answers any questions you have.

I started this course about 5 months ago and I am so glad I took action and followed what is taught. I have since made over $5,000 Net Profit... $3,000 of which has been made this month alone which is what led me to quit my manual labor warehouse 'day job' because I am now making way more on eBay.

This business model is by no means a get rich quick scheme. It does take some effort and work to build it up, but once you get it going there is no looking back :)

Whether you're just looking to make some extra income or looking for an escape from a not so enjoyable day job, this course may be the solution you need. Just make sure you actually take action and follow the steps provided.

I wish you all the best! :)

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to create an Additional stream of income
Course content
Expand all 86 lectures 06:30:10
+ 2015 1st Annual Potluck & Student Success Stories
2 lectures 10:23

We hosted our 1st annual potluck to break bread! It was a fantastic event and we had students from all over the USA fly in! We captured some amazing stories to share in this video!

Preview 05:40

Every year, we run an event to bring students far and wide, to break bread, have fun, mix & mingle with the instructor and fellow students. Its important to take this amazing opportunity we have online, and go offline. Nothing beats the face to face interaction. This year we host the event at Sunny So California in Huntington Beach with amazing food and a bonfire. 

Preview 04:43
+ The beginning...the prep up!
9 lectures 38:32

A sneak peak behind the scenes of my businesses and how much I make.

Preview 11:04

Why its important to take notes. Its not concrete until you ink it down!

Take notes, ask many questions, engage in discussions! Be a great student!

If you need help this is how to get it

How to receive HELP!

The fundamentals are important for setting up your success!

Why start with the basics?

Understand exactly what arbitrage is

What is arbitrage? How you can make some serious profits!

Understand exactly what drop shipping is

What is drop shipping? Different forms and strategies of it.

Pros and cons to this model

Advantages & Disadvantages

General review of this section with a detailed description of the sales cycle

The sales cycle. Start to finish!
+ Starting your E-Drop Shipping business!
10 lectures 41:06

I walk you through exactly how to create an eBay account

How to setup an Ebay account

Learn what is important for your eBay username

Ebay Username (1%)

Keys to optimizing your store settings to increase sales

Optimizing Your Store Settings to Maximize Sales!

Understand how to setup a paypal account

Setting up with paypal, the easiest way to get paid!

Get a glimpse of the store and where to source

Sourcing Product - See one of my stores

My new store name ;)

New Store Name - LECTURE UPDATE 2016

Brief overview of the sources I have used

Sources Reviewed

Learn where other international ebay sites are

International Students (Outside USA) Can do this too!

What are the 5 key important things to learn to be successful in your business?

The 5 pillars to successful E-Drop Shipping!

Overview of section 2

Review of this section
+ The 1st Pillar to Success - Listing products to sell!
13 lectures 01:36:04

A little exercise to help you get started!

Create a list of products exercise

How the eBay search results generally work

Understanding Search Results System

Understand how search match results system work

Full Details of Best Match Results

Effectively create titles that will help you sell more

The Art of Optimization - Correct Key Words to Increase Sales!

Why image optimization can be important to your success

Image Optimization - Increase your ranking with this tip!

Quick read about Mac Users using a snipping tool

Mac OS X Snipping Tool

I show you a real example of one of my listings at the highest price and selling more than everyone else

Pricing higher is often better than pricing lower!

You will learn how the ebay calculator tool works

The ebay calculator - A tool to track your profit

How to create a listing from start to finish part 1

Listing Creation...Start to Finish! Part 1

Learn why its important to have the product identifiers filled out completely!


How to create a listing from start to finish part 2

Listing Creation...Start to Finish! Part 2

Create listings from start to finish

Listing Creation Checklist

Overview of section 3

Review of this section.
+ The 2nd Pillar to Success - Processing Orders
2 lectures 08:20

Equipped to process orders from the source

An effective method to processing orders quickly.

Learn about the best times to do certain tasks

Cut off Times - Best time to do this task
+ The 3rd Pillar to Success - Uploading Tracking
2 lectures 05:47

Understand the process of uploading tracking

An important task that needs to be done daily!

Learn the details of the requirements for tracking numbers

Tracking Requirement Details
+ The 4th Pillar to Success - Inventory Management
3 lectures 15:49

A few tips for managing inventory

How to track and manage your inventory daily

80/20 rule, get rid of the ones that aren't worth it

Keeping the winners, getting rid of the losers.

Overview of section 6

Review of this section.
+ The 5th Pillar to Success - Customer Service
11 lectures 45:08

Understand the mechanics of customer service

Avoiding negative feedback - Reputation is everything!

What to do about negative feedback

Requesting for negative feedback revisions to increase your overall score

Phillip Stone - Turning a bad experience into good!

Phillip Stone - Turning a bad experience into good!

Learn the system on feedback

Full Details on Feedback System

Understand Detailed Seller Ratings and why its important

Monitor your D.S.R.'s! What it means for your business.

Learn more about the DSR system and how it works

Full Details about D.S.R. system

Full understanding of the review systems and how it affects your business

Seller Performance Standards

Learn the flow of how the return process works

How to Handle Returns - LECTURE UPDATE 2016

A few other comments about returns.

How to Handle Returns Part 2 - LECTURE UPDATE 2016

David Levine - Returns Shipped by GSP OVERSEAS - How to Handle

David Levine - Returns Shipped by GSP OVERSEAS - How to Handle

Overview of section 7

Review of this section
+ Bonus Material One - Tips and Tricks to maximizing profits & production!
13 lectures 01:14:46

Super important tips to increasing your bottom line!

Increase your profit margin % with these tips!

The best cash back sites I use to make thousands more a month

Review of cash back sites!

Learn when you should contact paypal to lower your fees

How to lower your fees with paypal and increase your income over night!

Always, always, always increase your limits!

Increasing your ebay selling limits is key to more sales and profit!

Understand why its awesome to have amazon prime

Amazon prime membership, is a must have!

Generate more sales with GSP

Global shipping program - Increase your sales by 20-50% with a few clicks!

Learn about the restrictions when using GSP

GSP Restrictions - LECTURE UPDATE 2016

Bulk editor saves so much time! Learn how

Utilizing the bulk editor! Editing with ease

LLC is a great entity to have

Creating an LLC, why this is a must!

Bulking your work is the key to save a lot of time

Setup, bulk your work, do this only once per day to save time!

Learn about filters and organizing your email inbox to save time

Organizing your email inbox, filters are your friends!

THE ultimate formula for success and time freedom!

Cash flowing business + System + Outsourcing = True Lifestyle

Goal setting, what do you want to get out of this?

What is the final goal?
+ Bonus Material - Worthy Epic Student Discussions
16 lectures 32:39

You will gain just as much knowledge in the discussions as the lectures!

Go through the Discussions!

Learn what it means to be in paypal jail.

David Vu - Paypal Jail - LECTURE UPDATE 2016

Have no fear, trust the process, my explaination

David Vu - What about the Box or Receipt being shown?

David Levine - How to Succeed On Ebay!

David Levine - How to Succeed On Ebay!

David Levine - Motivation

David Levine - Motivation

Vero List - Help us Update this (Brands to stay away from)

Vero List - Copyrighted Images (Brands to stay away from)

David Levine - Increase your sales tips

David Levine - Increase your sales tips

David Levine - Optimize Listing Tips

David Levine - Optimize Listing Tips

David Levine - Seller Tips - Crank Up your sales. SELLING TIPS.

David Levine - Seller Tips - Crank Up your sales. SELLING TIPS.

David Levine - Stock Tips and Other Tips

David Levine - Stock Tips and Other Tips

Richard McSharry - Listing Tip - UK Sellers

Richard McSharry - Listing Tip - UK Sellers

Aidan Au - Negotiation Tip

David Levine - Feedback Tips to fix Below Standard or Establish New Feedback

David Levine - Feedback Tips to fix Below Standard or Establish New Feedback

Thiru Varangan - Get Approved to Sell on Ebay US Guide - International Students
David Vu - Account Suspended - Why & What to do

Aidan Au - Negotiation Tip

Aidan Au - Negotiation Tip

Adam Wilson - Amazon Tips & Tricks (Product Ordering)

Adam Wilson - Amazon Tips & Tricks (Product Ordering)