Easy Yoga for Home
4.5 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Easy Yoga for Home

An easy step by step way to start Yoga at home and get the benefits for balancing your muscles, your body and mind
4.5 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
666 students enrolled
Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
Last updated 2/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to perform the basic poses
  • Build simple easy yoga workout for home
  • understand the breathing exercises and use confidently within workout or anytime
  • If you have a mat its great if to a carpet is enough
  • Wear loose or stretchy cloths which breaths well
  • Avoid main meal 2 hours before exercise, a small snack a fruit is ok 30 min before, best is morning on empty stomach
  • Keep body well hydrated
  • If you have head ache or fever you are advised not to do yoga
  • If you had serious disc issues in your spine or spinal inure, seek out personal yoga teacher help for your safely

Are you gymed out and ready to learn something less stressful for the bay but bringing greater benefits?

Are you looking for something of a variety for your workout to break the monotony?

Did you always want to do yoga, but never had the time to make it to the classes.

Did you always think that yoga need some special place and its so scientific?

Are you a beginner in exercise, and want to have a gentle beginning to get overall strength of your body?

If yes, this course is for you.

May i bring you a very simple easy to understand format, learning yoga at home. This will allow you to execute the poses correctly to bring best benefit for your body.

This basic yoga course will help you to bring you understanding of the theoretical base and the actual videos of the poses.

Start yoga today even by picking out one pose and just do it. Tomorrow, pick another pose and just do it. and as you are learning gradually you will build your feel great Yoga workout at home.

I am including a 20 min gentle yoga class video here as my special gift as well.

See you in the course:)

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who had enough from the traditional gym workouts and fitness classes
  • Anyone who is looking for a variety and instead of beating the body up with traditional fitness workout, wants to take it easier but still have superior benefit
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight and begins to exercise, yoga is a gentle start
  • Anyone who has workout in the past and re-starting
  • Anyone who is in the golden age and wants to have gentle workout still keep muscles strong
  • Anyone who wants to have super defined muscles and have yoga exercise do the toning
  • ANyone who wants to avoid slip and fall injuries from loss of balance
  • Anyone who wants to delay aging and keep super balanced body and mind
Course content
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+ Introduction to the course
2 lectures 02:36

May i share with you why should you start learning yoga. and you what you will be learning in this course.

Preview 01:25

Yoga is a simple exercise poses with added deep breathing. This special addition of deep breathing makes yoga so very special for the body. When you deep breathe the lungs are expanding downward into the abdominal cavity and massages different organs. This massage by the lungs is a toning effect, means, that if the organ is working slower, it will speed it up; and if the organ is working too fast then it will slow it down. This toning effect or balancing effect is the major benefit of yoga. Not only balancing organ functions, but also balancing, smaller muscles which are neglected in traditional workout. Yoga balances the spine, as forward bends and back bends with spinal twists applied in a sequence. Yoga is the balance of flexibility, strength control, discipline and focus all in one. Yoga's major balancing effect is on the Body and mind, and soul. Total centered life when done regularly and soon will let you start addressing your emotional issues with the inner strength you develop.

Yoga will strengthen your mind and bring discipline to your body, mind and entire life.

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+ Deep Breathing 101
2 lectures 14:31

Breathing is the key element of yoga. Learn why breathing and esp nose breathing is important and how to perform deep abdominal breathing and what are the physiological effects of deep breathing in the body.

Preview 06:37

Learn specific breathing exercise to train your lungs and breathing. Staring with deep abdominal breathing to breathing 1:1 ratios of inhalation and exhalation, then progressing into 1:2 ratios of Inhalation to Exhalation. Learn alternate nostril breathing as well. These exercises are basic and simple enough and can be practiced any time and not only as part of your yoga workout

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+ BAsic Yoga poses
34 lectures 46:09

If you may have weaker back and you are concern, then these exercises are must for you before beginning to do other yoga exercises.

Start with these exercises for a few ekes then can progress slowly to the next poses.

Preparing the lower back for exercise

Learning to stand with activated muscles of the legs and the body is key in this pose. Learning to bare body weight and learning to train balance and course correct from losing balance.

WAtch video for correct execution.

Standing - Mountain pose

BAsic pose to strengthen the thighs and help you to move and walk easier. It balances the spine as it requires pulling yourself upright into correct posture.

Watch video for correct execution.

Chair pose - standing hip stretch

Warrior poses are the basic staring poses. Warrior 1, 2 and reverse warrior are very easy to perform. You need to train yourself for the more balance required Warrior 3-- which is the Airoplane pose.

These poses train your confidence and focus as well as making your legs stronger.

Watch the video for correct execution

Warrior 1, 2, 3 and reverse

Tree pose is a balancing pose, Strengthening the legs, esp the supporting leg which bares all the body weight. Follow instructions how to make the stand firm.

This pose is training the focus as well. Balancing depends on how you can keep your head empty and anchor yourself to your breath.

Tree pose - Standing balance

Side - angle pose and revers side angle poses are basic easy side stretch and spinal twist.

Reverse Side Angle pose works on balancing the spine and the digestion.

Watch the video for correct execution

Side angle poses

Triangle pose is the upgrade of Side angle pose. It stretches the side and the legs, and work on the posture. You suppose to reach to 3 different directions: 1. upward with the hand reaching up, 2. Downward witht he hand reaching down, and 3. outward with you rheas. These are the 3 tips of the triangle.

Watch the video for correct execution

Triangle pose

Reverse triangle pose is the upgrade of Reverse Side Angle pose. It balances the spine and works on the digestion. It stretches the entire spine and outer thighs, real ease emotional stress

Watch the video for correct execution

Reverse Triangle - twist

BAsic and simple forward bend in standing is to calm the mind and bring restoration. If you are very tired, you can just put yourself upside down and deep breath in this pose. Make sure when you come up you bend your knees and slowly come up from the pose. Deep breathing must be applied.

Watch the video for correct execution

Standing forward bend

Straddle forward bend is an advanced forward bend, it stretches the hamstrings and the inner tight muscles with the lower back as well.

Inhale in standing and exhale as you slowly bend forward. Keep knees slightly bend if required.

WAtch video for correct execution.

Straddle forward bend

Cobra pose is the basic simple back bend, in prone position. It speeds up metabolism just like all the back bends. This is the safest and most gentle back bend, recommended for everyone for healthy spine.

Watch the video for correct execution

Cobra pose - back bend

Upward facing Dog is the upgrade of the Cobra pose. If ou are comfortable doing Cobra, then progress into Upward facing Dog, which is just a deeper back bend in prone position and with the straighten arm

Watch video for correct execution.

Upward facing Dog - Back bend

Downward facing Dog is a basic simple forward bend and inversion as well. This pose balances the spine after the cobra or Downward facing Dog poses and induces revers blood flow to the brain.

Watch the video for correct execution

Downward facing Dog - Forward bend

Seated Spinal Twist is a simple and easy spinal balancing exercise. More simple then the reverse triangle and the Reverse Side Angle poses, as its done in seated. If you are unable to perform the standing poses - reverse triangle and Reverse Side angle, then you still can do the seated spinal twist. And you can repeat this exercise instead of the staining once after each forward+back bend combination.

Watch video for correct execution.

Seated Spinal Twist

Plank pose is the push up poses - stationary holding the body straight while the core and arms being isometrically strengthened up. You are not doing push ups, only learning to carry you down body weight on your hands with your arms. This is very important as when slip and fall you are likely landing on your hands and this way you can save yourself from breaking your arms.

Watch video for correct execution.

Plank pose - arm strength

Progressing into push ups after the plank pose further straightens the arms and the core. Learn the correct creating as extend your arms you shall exhale and on the way down inhale.

The breathing makes a very bog difference in this exercise, so pay attention.

Start push ups on your knees and progress into full version.

MAke sure you keep the elbows at your side while performing push ups.

Watch video for correct execution.

Push ups

The 8 pointed poses will further strengthen the arms and the core. This is the precursor to be able to lower yourself down fro full push up close to the ground into lower push up pose.

Watch video for correct execution.

Eight pointed poses - prep for push up

Head to Knee pose is a forward bend-- seated, so its the easier forward bend to perform. Make sure that you bend forward step by step and pay attention that you exhale while bending forward, then continue the deep breaths. AS all forward bends tho sis also calming and slowing the metabolism down.

Watch video for correct execution.

Seated head to leg - forward bend

Our ups are huge storage of emotional stress. The pigeon pose will help to release this stress by stretch in these muscles, while deep breathing.

Watch video for correct execution.

Pigeon pose - Hip stretch

Bridge pose is a basic core strength and slight back bend. it is counter pose after forward bends as well.

Watch video for correct execution.

Bridge poses - lower back stability

Pyramid pose is a higher degree of hamstring (back of the leg) stretch, and helping the removal of stored emotional stress from the body. It works the postural muscles as well as you need to keep the scapulas together and back straight. This pose is also a forward bend, and can be balanced out with a warrior 1 pose

Watch video for correct execution.

Pyramid pose - leg stretch Fwd bend

Boat pose is a forward bend, and a abdominal and hip flexor and thigh strengthening pose. You will enjoy the discipline applied for this pose, and execute it with a smile on your face, anchoring yourself to your breath. Follow the progressions in the video start slow and build your strength up.

Watch video for correct execution.

Boat pose - Abdominal strength

Side Plank pose is the upgrade of the plan pose. Once you are trained both arms, in plank pose, and doing push ups, you may progress to the one arm version of the plank pose, on your side. Follow the progressions of the pose in the video.

Watch video for correct execution.

Side plank - arm strength

The cable pose is a bit more advanced back bend, increasing metabolism and calming the adrenals hence stress. Follow the simple beginner steps, and progress step by step into the full pose. MAke sure you come out of the poses slowly and rest in child's pose before getting up.

Watch video for correct execution.

Camel pose- back bend

Reverse plank pose is a spine balancing counter pose from a forward bend, as well as strengths the arms.

Watch video for correct execution.

Reverse Plank pose

The bow pose is a back bend. It is excellent for balancing the spine and strengthening the back. It slows down the adrenals and stress, and speeds up metabolism.

Watch video for correct execution.

The Bow pose- Birds nest - back bend

Table top pose is a pose for neutral spine, hence still strengthening the core. Great to do it after forward bends- like seated forward bend

Watch video for correct execution.

Table top pose - Neutral spine and core strength

A back bend performed while on the floor laying down on the back. Even though its on the floor, it may be bit challening as it requires to bend the upper part of the back, which part of the back is very tight and bend forward from sitting too much and slouching forward. If you require, use a small rubber ball under the upper back to train it to bend backward.

Watch video for correct execution.

Fish pose - back bend

Inversion progression, the One -legged Down Dog, and performing the Preparation Shoulder stand win you are unable to do the shoulder stand yet. Do the Shoulder stand at the wall and make sure you come out the pose slowly.

Watch video for correct execution.

Introduction to Inversions

Yoga is the alteration of working poses and resting poses. Child's pose is the basic resting pose, and most counter pose. You can do this pose anytime when you feel tired within you workout, stay here for 1-2 min deep breath and you will be ready to continue your workout. Dont give up your workout in the middle because yoga re tired, just take break then continue. This is the key in life, to learn to take mini breaks and continue, instead of giving it all p.

Child pose - rest

The final rest is the must and most pleasant part of the workout. Please make sure you spend a few minutes in this complete stillness and melting dissolving your body and just observe your breath. This is essential part of your recovery and to re-energize your body for the day and after the workout. If you do yoga in the evening make the final rest longer to calm the body down and start your unwingn from the day.

Savasana - final rest

Learn the correct pose for breathing exercises and the alternate nostril breathing

How to Sit for Breathing exercises

Take a look at the slides on breathing practice first, then watch this video. Practice deep breathing in sitting with one hand on your abdomen.

And progress into 1:1 then 1:2 ratios of inhalatation:Exhalation and finish with Alternate nostril breathing

The breathing exercise practice

Shoulder stand is a true inversion to induce revers blood flow and bring fresh blood to the brain. MAke sure you keep the deep breathing and slowly come out of the pose.

Watch video for correct execution.

Shoulder stand - Inversion
+ basic simple yoga series
4 lectures 10:45

AS an absolute beginner, you are just ok to start yoga at home by doing one or two poses, preferably counter poses. Let me share with you how.

This is not a rocket science, start slowly and learn gradually. The follow the prepared video or sample series here

my 20 min Gift of Gentle Yoga for beginners


How to make a yoga workout at home from poses

A stress releasing series in standing. This is more challenging the sun salutation, so use as a progressions

Hip and leg stretch series

The basic Yoga series Sun Salutation. here are pictures so you can memorize steps by step the poses one after another.

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation tweaked up on the rocks- in a video. Once you learned basic yoga poses and series, You can perform them anywhere. And doing yoga on the beach is one very special place.

Sun salutation video