Easy Academic Writing

With my simple tips, you can learn when, how, and from what to write academic papers.
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How to write an academic paper easily.


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Just attending this short course will make writing scientific treatises, which are often thought to be difficult, very easy.

You're not poor at writing scientific treatises, you just don't know the tricks I advocate.

This course will help you re-learn the structure of your scientific treatise and eliminate your misunderstandings.

I tell you new facts about the first section of the scientific treatise to write.

I give you real value in the importance and use of paragraph writing.

I teach you that writing a scientific treatise is actually very similar to making a puzzle.

This course is less than 40 minutes and very short, so you can learn more deeply by watching it repeatedly.

This short course condenses the essence of know-how in writing academic papers.

After taking this course, your resistance to academic papers will disappear and you will be more motivated to write a treatise.

The teachings of this course are very groundbreaking and essence in terms of what is important in scientific treatises.

Those who have stopped writing scientific treatises will be able to write more and more after joining this course.

In this course, I will talk about the basics of writing scientific treatises based on what I teach graduate students.

This course include 8 lectures with subtitles and good illustrations and background music.

Who this course is for:

  • A university student to write a graduation thesis
  • A postgraduate student to write a master or doctoral thesis
  • A young scientist to write an academic paper
  • A busy medical doctor to write a clinical article
  • A professor to learn how to teach academic writing

Course content

5 sections9 lectures40m total length
  • Preface


Neurosurgery, Movement Disorder, Anatomy and Physiology
Prof. Takanobu Kaido MD PhD 開道貴信
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Functional Neurosurgion, University Professor of Anatomy and Physiology

I will contribute to the world as a clinician/ researcher based on the solid knowledge and experience of cutting-edge medical science.

According to an old sentence, "Heaven helps those who help themselves."

So I think it is important to learn well and work hard to make people happier.

Let's learn together. And get "growth and achievements".