Waste Not Broke Not
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Waste Not Broke Not

Use your car to earn big bucks in a variety of fun ways!
4.5 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7 students enrolled
Created by Chloe Prentoulis
Last updated 2/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Apply several different methods of earning money using their car to gain hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
  • Earn $15-$52 per hour using their car.
  • Earn a passive income (not directly working for their money) using their car.
  • Calculate their annual car expenses and determine if owning a car is necessary.
  • No special knowledge required besides driving a car!
  • Students will need an open mind and willingness to try new ways of using your car to earn money!
  • If you plan to use our calculator tools (recommended) you need Excel or Open Office to download our Excel calculator and enter your car expenses and other numbers. Our calculator's formulas will help you make decisions about your car and how you can use it to earn or save money.

Do you own a car? There's money in there! You probably spend around 10K per year owning your car -  get some of that money back using some of the fun and easy opportunities described in this course!

This course is crammed full of original ideas that will help you identify your car expenses and make money using your car, in ways that fit your lifestyle and desired effort level. All you need to begin is an open mind and a willingness to use what you've got in new and exciting ways! 

Did you know you could drive yourself to the airport (saving on taxis there and back) park for free during your trip (more savings) and earn money renting your car out while you're away (cha-ching!)? All this would require 5 minutes of your time to set up, and no cash investment.* If that's exciting, think about the fact that you could potentially earn $400 a month doing the same stuff you do everyday, right now. We'll teach you the tricks and help you weigh the pros and cons of a variety of opportunities.

We'll also provide interactive tools (calculator spreadsheets and more) to help you make the best choices for your circumstances.

Whether you're lazy and want to do minimal work or are willing to put hours in behind the wheel, we've got options for you. Maybe you'd like to start your own small business? We'll tell you how.  Take on a few of our simpler ideas or dive in and make big changes - either way, you'll find this course is worth its weight in gold. Turn that car into cash! 

Waste not, broke not!

* You must live in a location where this particular service is offered. If it's not, our course offers plenty of other options you can explore. 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to earn money using their car!
  • Someone who's willing to put in hours behind the wheel OR lend their car to others OR adopt other practices/programs suggested in this course.
Course content
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+ Introduction - Waste Not, Broke Not
3 lectures 14:09

Is the the right course for you? What do you need to get started, and how can you be most successful? This is a super-quick pep talk to get you pumped!

Preview 01:28

Hi, we're Chloe and Michel, experts on leveraging our resources (our home, cars and more) to live a full, free life. 

We work part time, at home and on the road (we're in Bali as I type this!) and will show you how you can do the same. Stop working so hard to barely keep up with life's expenses - you're already paying for your car, earn some money from it! We'll show you how in this course. 

Preview 04:20

Great news - there are a variety of ways to use your car to earn cash! Depending on your personality, earnings goals, type of car and where you live, you can earn in different ways. This introductory video will give you an overview of your options. The subsequent videos will dive into the details of each option more deeply. Buckle up!

How to earn money on your car - an introduction

Two quick questions on content in this section.

What are some ways you can earn using your car?
2 questions
+ Rideshare - driving people for pay
8 lectures 34:43

You've probably heard of Lyft or Uber and may have used this marvelous service to get around. Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive for them? This video will guide you through the basics of rideshare (Lyft and Uber) so you understand what it's like to earn money this way. Put your worries aside and open up to the freedom and fun of rideshare!

Overview of rideshare (Uber and Lyft) - what's it like to drive people around?

This section will describe some features that both Lyft and Uber share, so you can get a feel of how the companies work. We'll compare the subtle differences so you can decide if one is better for you than the other. 

Common features of Uber and Lyft

How much can you earn driving people around? This video discusses earnings from both Lyft and Uber, with some detailed breakdowns. 

We'll factor in expenses as well, so you gain realistic expectations of what you'll take home. 

We'll also teach you how to maximize the cash you gain from your time in the car - not all driving hours are the same, so be strategic to earn big! 

Earnings potential of Uber and Lyft - what do you earn and how can you max it?

Now that you have a general understanding of both rideshare giants (Lyft and Uber), let's get into the details. The two companies have significant differences so we'll help you choose the best option for you. 

This video tells you all about Lyft and eligibility requirements to drive for them. Ready to get your pink mustache on? 

Lyft - About Lyft and eligibility

How much can you earn driving Lyft? This video explains how earnings work with some realistic examples. And since Lyft passengers have an easy, in-app way to tip their driver, we'll give you some unique tactics to increase tips! These tactics have worked for other Lyft drivers and they can work for you too!

Earnings potential driving Lyft

No doubt you're familiar with this rideshare giant. You may not be aware of Uber corporation's many diverse products though. Some of them may be right for you, and a lot of them pay better than standard Uber X.

Learn the specifics about Uber here to decide if there's an opportunity for you!

Preview 04:45

How do you earn the most money driving Uber and avoid working hard for minimum wage? We'll discuss Uber's pay scale and ways you can maximize your earnings!

Earnings potential driving Uber
Which should you choose - Lyft or Uber? This video helps you compare the two.

Test your knowledge of rideshare so you can make the best choices around this remarkable opportunity.

Rideshare quiz
2 questions
+ Delivering for pay - drive objects, not people, from A to B
3 lectures 15:45

This segment of the course discusses driving to deliver items, not passengers, from A to B. We'll discuss the generalities of this work - it's easier to start because you don't have to be cleared to take passengers. 

An overview of driving as a delivery service

Delivery services may be a better option for you than driving passengers. Maybe you have a beat up old car or you don't like dealing with people. There are lots of advantages to delivery services over rideshare (but also some disadvantages). We'll discuss them here so you can decide if this is the right way for you to earn.

Preview 04:52

There are a lot of options for delivery service companies. Some of them are available in specific regional areas, others vary by driving history, hours of operation, pay and other factors. Get the lowdown on 8 different companies here, and find the best one for your lifestyle!

A run through of 7 delivery services - compare them and choose the one for you!

Test your knowledge on earning as a delivery service! How is this different to rideshare, and which delivery company is right for you?

Delivery services quiz
2 questions
+ Car sharing - rent your car to others
3 lectures 17:23

Don't want to put in hours behind the wheel? Already putting long hours into your regular job? Travel a lot? Find out how you can rent your car out when you're not using it! 

Intro to car sharing - the ins and outs of renting your car for $!

In this video, we'll give you an overview of Turo.com so you see how this unique opportunity works. Rent your car to other responsible drivers and put some easy cash in your pocket. Save money getting to the airport too, and learn other tricks that will help you earn/keep cash without lifting a finger!

Turo.com - a multitude of ways to rent out your car

Got access to several cars? Want to rent your car for a short time period? Want to borrow a car to drive rideshare? Need a specific car for a special occasion? We go over various car-sharing options in this lecture.

Other options - shop around, lots of car-sharing choices out there!

How much can you make renting your car to others? What length of time can you rent it for?  Test your knowledge on this exciting, passive way to earn using your car!

Car sharing quiz
3 questions
+ Start your own delivery business
3 lectures 10:37

If you have a truck or roomy car, you can earn significant money moving items for people! Here are some things to consider if you want to try this easy and profitable business.

Got a truck or roomy car? Deliver stuff!

Grow your delivery business and get regular customers so you have a income. We'll give you awesome suggestions for local partnerships, ways you can cheaply advertise and other secrets to getting customers. 

Advertise and expand your delivery biz

If you're willing to get dirty or deal with difficult materials, a haul away service is an easy way to make serious money. We'll give you all the major considerations here to help you decide if it's right for you.

Haul away service - remove stuff for big bucks!

Thinking of using your big ol' truck for delivery services to others? Take this quick quiz before you start.

Start your own delivery business quiz!
1 question
+ Start your own business taking kids to school
3 lectures 15:15

Want easy, predictable income? Like kids? This might be just the right way for you to get some regular cash into your life, while still giving you time for other pursuits.

Take kids to school for easy daily income!

Some things to consider if this is the right opportunity for you - how to get those parents to hire you and refer you to others year after year. No advertising or expenses necessary - just easy money!

Eligibility, professionalism and logistics of a kids-to-school biz.
Earnings potential driving kids to school.

Want a secure, regular cash flow business? Predictable hours and driving routes are your thing? Take this quiz to check your knowledge on starting this small business.

Start your kids-to-school business quiz!
1 question
+ Turn your car into a mobile billboard!
2 lectures 08:23

Willing to have your car wrapped or place an ad on your back windshield? There's lots of money here, but watch out for scammers. We'll show you how this works and some legit companies. 

Advertising another business on your car.

How do you earn money with an ad on your car? How much, and what kind of a driver must you be? We'll discuss that here so you can decide if this is the right opportunity for you, and how to go about it.

Right car? Right driving habits? How much can you earn?

Want to try the laziest way to make money? Get your car wrapped! Test yourself on the details with this fun quiz.

Turn your car into a mobile billboard quiz!
2 questions
+ Determine your car's ROI. What's your car done for you lately?
2 lectures 13:33

Do you really need you car? You'll be surprised by the varied and fun alternatives to driving. This lecture will go over some benefits to not driving and some awesome alternatives to car dependence. Prepare to be amazed!

What's your car ROI?

If you're considering going carless, we'll help you figure out if it's the right move for you. Do a trial period so you don't get stuck making the wrong decision. And learn from our example - we got rid of a car and gained massive cash, health and other benefits. Here's our story and how it could work for you too. 

Determining your car's value to your life, and our story.

What value does your car really provide to your life? Do you have a car just because everyone else does, and it feels like you "have to"? Maybe you don't. Take this quiz on determining your car's ROI. 

Car Return-On-Investment quiz!
1 question
+ Calculate your car expenses with our interactive calculators!
3 lectures 26:07

Download this calculator tool - there are three tabs on an Excel spreadsheet with build-in formulas that tabulate the numbers you enter and give you totals. This first video walks you through Tab 1. 

Tab 1: Figure out your annual car cost. Bet you'll be shocked at how much you spend - it's more than you think!

Tab 2: Imagine (just for fun) what life without a car would be like. Consider the cost in MONEY and TIME of a list of alternatives to driving your own car.

Tab 3: Considering selling your car? On the fence? Scared? Use this tool to objectively place value on your car to your life, and help you make the right decision. 

Car calculator - what's your annual car cost?

Bike, bus, carpool, Uber and other ways to get around. How much will they cost you compared to driving? How much time will they take? What are some pros and cons of these alternatives vs driving your car? Plug in some numbers and figure it all out here, for your life in your location. 

Alternatives to driving - this tool helps you imagine life without a car.

This tool uses a numeric value system to determine if your current lifestyle and car use merits keeping or selling your car. We've thought of all the reasons your car is part of your life - getting to work, road trips, safety, climate, family, shopping and other factors - plug in the numbers that pertain to your life and figure out if your car should stay or go!

Should it stay or should it go? (your car). This tool can help you decide!

Tried our interactive calculator to see what your car costs? Have an idea of the cost/savings of the alternatives? This quiz will test your calculator-savvy!

WNBN calculators quiz!
2 questions
+ WNBN summary
1 lecture 04:21

This course is about making money using your car - we suggest you try several of these amazing opportunities at the same time, so you earn multiple streams of income! Earn while driving, while not driving and while you're not traveling. Earn extra money for very little extra effort. "Work" the system to maximize earnings! This course summary will show you some examples of how to stack opportunities so your earnings skyrocket!

How could these opportunities work for YOU? Stack them together for max earnings

Now that you've gone through the whole course, what's in it for you?

Summary quiz - walk away from this course with a plan!
2 questions