Ear Training Starts Here - Identify The Notes

Develop your hearing to a professional musician level
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Ear training for all musicans
Identify the notes of the C major scale
Ear training exerceises


  • No advanced knowlege required



Evreyone enjoys listening to music, but what about enjoy plus understand what you hear?

Ear Training Starts Here is a course that teach you the super importnat (and fun!) skill for evrey musican:


if you'r saying: sounds nice, but I have the hearing of a deaf person...

than I'm here to tell you that you also can hear and start recognize the notes!

It's NOT something you are born with.

It's NOT relate to Perfect Pitch.

IT'S A SKILL EVREYONE CAN LEARN (and should! espciecaly musicians).

This course will help you to start understand the musical language by identifying the notes.

The course contains lesons and easy to follow exercises, this course is excellent for beginners.

The course is focused on training your ears recognizing the notes C D E F G A B - those are the white keys of the piano (also known as the C major sclae).

This is not a course about music theory or writing the notes,

no previous knowledge is required.


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Who this course is for:

  • Singers
  • Guitar Players
  • Pianists
  • Music Producers
  • DJ's
  • Songwriters

Course content

5 sections15 lectures47m total length
  • What going on here?
  • The C Major Scale and Tonal Music


Music Producer
Gal Peiser
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Hi There,

I’m Gal - a musician who teaches music. I’m from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

For me, Music is fun, joy, passion, and excitement.

..And I guess for you as well :)

Since childhood, I was captivated by the magic of music.

I’ve started to sing, play and write songs.

Later on, this magic of music got me even more curious - I became really eager to UNDERSTAND what’s going on inside this wonderful-mysterious phenomena we call music.

in my 20’s, While practicing and creating - becoming a producer and a performer, I’ve graduated from two well-known music establishments in Israel (“Ramon School For Jazz And Contemporary Music”, “Jerusalem Music Academy”).

My only “Day-Job” all of those years was teaching music (I’m 34, it’s almost 15 years already. Wow, Time flies!).

I’m in love with teaching Piano, Creativity, Music Theory and Composition -


Because this is my REALITY and my PASSION.

Playing, creating, and developing as an artist is what I do all day - every day.

I feel I’ve got so much information, insights, and advices to pass on - that’s why I’m into teaching.

So, without further due - I warmly invite you to enroll in my courses.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to meet interesting, exciting and fresh people who share with me what I’ve described - this eagerness to learn, play and create.

Good luck and keep on playing!