Trading Options in 2023: Stock Market Masterclass | Investor

Mastering the Market: Unleash Robinhood's Power to Analyze Stock Options!
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Fundamental Understanding of Options Trading
Proficiency in Using Trading Platforms
Skillful Decision Making through Research
Mastery of Key Trading Concepts


  • No Previous Trading Experience Required But The More You Know The Easier It Will Be To Apply These Strategies Right Away..


Dive deep into the bustling world of stock options trading with a tailored focus on harnessing the powerful tools offered by the Robinhood platform. This course, "Mastering the Market," is meticulously designed for both novice traders yearning for a robust start and seasoned professionals looking to refine their strategy using Robinhood.

Course Highlights:

  1. Robinhood Essentials: Unravel the user-friendly interface and discover hidden features that can elevate your trading game.

  2. Stock Options 101: A comprehensive primer on stock options, their dynamics, and how they differ from regular stock trading.

  3. Real-time Analysis: Learn how to interpret live data, trends, and stock price fluctuations with the example of popular stocks like AMC.

  4. Strategies for Success: Delve into proven methods that guide decision-making in stock options trading and understand when to make your move.

  5. Hands-on Experience: Engage in simulated trades within the Robinhood environment, ensuring you’re well-prepared when you venture into the real market.

Equip yourself with the expertise to navigate, analyze, and profit from the stock options market. By the end of this course, you'll not only be familiar with Robinhood's intricacies but also be confident in making informed decisions that optimize your trading outcomes. Embrace the journey to mastering the market with us!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate traders who only have a small amount of capital but want to generate large gains without day trading.


Empowering Software Engineers in Fullstack Cloud Development
D. Draper
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 19 Reviews
  • 3,104 Students
  • 3 Courses

D. Draper is an esteemed Senior Architect with a wealth of experience in complex software niches. Recognizing the importance of mentorship and knowledge sharing, Draper has made it his mission to guide and teach young software engineers in navigating intricate software landscapes.

With an impressive background working with esteemed organizations such as Belong Gaming, the Royal Bank of Canada, and consulting for Salesforce B2B companies, Draper has gained extensive expertise across a broad range of industries. His experience encompasses architecting AWS cloud solutions, building full-stack applications using the Next.js framework with React.js, and consulting on software projects leveraging headless ecommerce stacks.

Driven by a passion for teaching and mentoring, Draper has shifted his focus towards empowering the next generation of software engineers. Through his guidance, he equips young professionals with the skills and insights needed to excel in complex software niches. Drawing on his practical experience, Draper provides invaluable guidance on tackling intricate architectures, understanding specialized technologies, and navigating complex integration challenges.

Draper's expertise in AWS cloud solutions allows him to teach aspiring engineers how to design scalable and resilient cloud architectures. He emphasizes the importance of optimization, security, and performance in cloud-based applications, ensuring that engineers have the necessary skills to deliver robust solutions.

Furthermore, Draper's proficiency in full-stack development, particularly with the Next.js framework and React.js, enables him to mentor software engineers in building modern and interactive web applications. He focuses on best practices, code maintainability, and creating exceptional user experiences.

In addition to technical expertise, Draper places a strong emphasis on fostering essential soft skills. Effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving are areas that he prioritizes, empowering engineers to thrive in their careers and effectively navigate challenging software environments.

Draper's teaching approach involves creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. He tailors his mentorship to meet the specific needs of each individual, providing practical examples, real-world scenarios, and hands-on exercises to facilitate learning and growth.

With a combination of leadership skills, industry experience, and a genuine passion for helping others, D. Draper is highly regarded as an exceptional mentor for young software engineers. His commitment to guiding individuals through complex software niches ensures that future generations are well-prepared to tackle the complexities of the ever-evolving technological landscape.

He began as an IAM soutions architect helping businesses implement cognito, auth0 and other external identity providers using the oauth 2.0 standards

Most notably, D. Draper is an accomplished Senior Architect with a strong foundation in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. With a focus on helping businesses implement external identity providers and leveraging OAuth 2.0 standards, Draper has made significant contributions to the field.

Draper's journey started as an IAM Solutions Architect, specializing in designing and implementing robust authentication and authorization systems. He has extensive experience working with renowned businesses, assisting them in adopting external identity providers such as Cognito, Auth0, and other solutions that adhere to the OAuth 2.0 standards.

Recognizing the critical role of secure and efficient identity management, Draper excels in developing customized IAM strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations. He possesses a deep understanding of the OAuth 2.0 framework and its integration with various identity providers, enabling him to deliver seamless and scalable solutions for businesses.

In addition to his expertise in IAM, Draper has a comprehensive understanding of cloud architecture, particularly AWS services. This knowledge empowers him to design and implement IAM solutions that align with cloud best practices, ensuring robust security, scalability, and performance.

Draper's proficiency extends beyond technical implementation; he is also an adept communicator and collaborator. He excels in working closely with stakeholders, business teams, and developers to understand their requirements, address their concerns, and develop IAM solutions that meet their specific needs.

Driven by a passion for knowledge sharing, Draper actively engages in mentoring and educating professionals on IAM solutions and OAuth 2.0 standards. He imparts his practical expertise, providing guidance on best practices, integration strategies, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Draper's commitment to professional growth and staying abreast of the latest developments in IAM and authentication technologies has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the field. His dedication to excellence and his ability to guide organizations through the complexities of implementing external identity providers have led to successful outcomes for numerous businesses.

With his expertise in IAM, OAuth 2.0 standards, and external identity providers, D. Draper is a highly sought-after Senior Architect who has played a vital role in helping businesses enhance their security and authentication practices. His focus on developing secure and scalable solutions, combined with his mentoring abilities, positions him as a valuable asset to any organization seeking to implement IAM solutions with external identity providers.

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