Walking in Your Life Purpose!
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Walking in Your Life Purpose!

*The Ultimate Purpose Planning Course: Purpose - Seasons - Roles *
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
8 students enrolled
Created by Janette R. Smith
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Define Your Unique Purpose (Dream) and Develop a Plan to Build It !
  • A commitment to complete each exercise of the course work.
  • An openness to learn more about yourself.
  • A willingness to let go of old ways of thinking when it comes to your purpose.
  • A desire to see yourself from the lens of truth and not through someone else' eyes.

What If ? ... a small but powerful question.

What if there's more to life?
What if I could have more freedom, make more money, and have more time doing work that really means something to me?
What if I never try to find out?

Start living a life of purpose, fueled by doing what you love.

Our mantra is Dream. Believe. Build. Your purpose (life assignment) is more than a decision— it’s a discovery. This course gives you the strategic tools to make that happen. You will receive:

  • engaging, challenging, yet simple exercises to solidify your authentic purpose statement

  • guidance to create actionable tasks to get massive results

  • proven tools to help you operate in greater focus, with more direction and decisiveness

  • a deeper sense of belonging, fulfillment and overall achievement

  • step-by-step strategies to; increase your motivation; illuminate how you work with , or against yourself

  • $1000’s SAVED in private coaching sessions to get the same results

Who this course is for:
  • Those ready to harness their personal power to shape their future
  • High-Achievers who find themselves having to reposition after years of success
  • Anyone who needs help to overcome negative patterns and beliefs which keep them from thriving and reaching their goals.
  • Dream-builders who need help defining their vision, setting challenging goals, and creating a plan of action
Course content
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+ Welcome! A Message From Your Instructor
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An introduction and greeting from your course instructor— Author, Speaker, Emmy-Award winning television host  and SI Certified Mindset Coach — Janette R. Smith.

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+ Lesson 2
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Destiny...More than a Decision

LET'S GET TO IT WITH OUR FIRST WORKSHEET. I call it a black box exercise. When a plane crashes or a mission doesn't go as planned , they review the data kept in the "black box" - which isn't really black , it's orange.

It contains a flight data recorder (FDR) designated to record things like airspeed, altitude, vertical acceleration and fuel flow. It also houses a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) which captures the pilot and air traffic controller conversations.

Likewise, if we want to identify what's been working against you or what's not working for you when it comes to dream-building ... we have to look at your black box — your mindset. That's where we find the recordings for your personal narrative, what you've been thinking , doing and saying (cockpit recorder) and track it against the tools, gifts and resources you are using (or not using) to determine how that has been not working together to support your vision and efforts to succeed in the area of dream-building, leveling-up or repositioning ( like a flight data recorder.)

Go to work on your downloaded worksheet, remember to save it to you computer. Or if you working in the journal it's the sheet marked page 18.

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+ Lesson 3
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I believe that everyone is created with unique purpose, and for many of us it is revealed as a deep desire: a dream.

If fulfilled, that dream would help us meet a specific need and solve problems for others. This is why you may often hear the word calling used to define what we've been referring to as our life’s dream. A calling is your assignment, driven by purpose, revealed to you in a dream.

In that sense, as unique as each of us are — so is our dream (purpose) It's like a seed planted on the inside of us.

Consider a real “seed.” An apple seed looks different than a watermelon seed. There are no instructions attached to either seed on what to do, how to grow or even what to be. It is what it is. The instructions in each seed’s internal genetics dictate that each produces a very specific fruit. What we also know about seeds is that you have to plant it in good soil and nurture it with the necessary resources. Eventually, it will grow and produce something very specific. The same is true with that “seed” on the inside of you. And, unfortunately like a real seed, if you don’t get planted, rooted, grounded and nurtured, the seed (dream) can die.

From the time we began growing and learning, we were also discovering or uncovering our identities. Just as the planted seed begins to reveal clues about what it will grow into, your dream (seed) begins to bring your life’s purpose into focus. It’s important to pursue this path and walk into your purpose because you are someone’s solution. There is a question in the world that only you can answer.

You are unique. You are necessary.

Sometimes we lose connection with our dream. This happens for various reasons: life’s demands can pull us off track, or we form
wrong assessments about our ability to achieve our dream based on damaging misconceptions.

Download you next worksheet and review some of these common misconceptions shared in our society. Do you share these beliefs?

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+ Lesson 4
1 lecture 03:54

Doing the Gifts, Talents and Effectiveness inventory will help you in many ways. While it will point you toward your unique assignment , it will also help you close hundreds of doors of opportunity that ARE NOT FOR YOU. WALKING THROUGH THE RIGHT DOOR and Closing the right doors are equally important.

IF YOU FIND IT HARD TO LIST YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS ---which is the case for some because we often take our own awesomeness for granted... use these extra guiding questions to help unearth more answers.


What do you love to do?

What do you do in your free time?

What things do you notice / What annoys you?

What do you love to learn about?

What sparks your creativity?

What do people compliment you on?

What would you do if you couldn't fail?


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+ Lesson 5
1 lecture 06:55

The Authenticity Test - It's like Holding your dream up to pure white light and investigating your motives and purpose, before you pursue.

In John Maxwell's Book - "Put your Dream to the Test? he discusses this important part of the dream building process. He also warns against getting entangled in what I call the poser dreams. They will trip you up and hinder you or move you in the wrong direction. These are:

  • Daydreams - Distractions from current work

  • Pie-in-the-sky Dreams- Wild ideas with no strategy or basis in reality

  • Bad Dreams- Dreams born from worry or fear, or dreams that create paralysis and fear.

  • Idealistic Dreams - The way the world would be if you were in charge

  • Vicarious Dreams - Dreams lived through others

  • Romantic Dreams - Belief that some person will make you happy

  • Career Dreams- Belief that a position, title or award will make you happy

  • Destination Dreams- Belief that a position, title or award will make you happy

  • Material Dreams- Belief that wealth or possessions will make you happy

You want to make sure that before you invest time, money and energy into a dream — it is your truth; the assignment birthed from the dream seed you were born with. So in addition to questioning yourself about your motives, intentions and desires— use the following questions and answer yes or no on page 41 for even deeper excavation.

1. Is my dream really my dream?

2. Do I clearly see my dream?

3. Am I depending on things within my control?

4. Do I have the energy to achieve it?

5. Do I have a strategy?

6. Who do I have around me that can help me?

7. Am I willing to pay the price?

8. Am I moving closer?

9. Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?

10. Does my dream benefit others?

The more times you can answer YES to these questions the greater the odds that your dream is birthed from right intention and you'll most likely achieve your dream. What if you answered NO to more of these questions. Then... go back to the pages 29-36 and try it again. DON'T be put off. I've had many clients surprised to learn they've been living to fulfill others dreams, or learn that what they always thought they'd end up doing was NOT was they truly felt lead or called to do. This is where we get all that right.

The Authenticity Test
+ Lesson 6
1 lecture 05:58

A vital component for developing a dream into reality lies in your ability to believe in it completely. Eliminate the idea that only “seeing is believing.” When it comes to manifesting dreams, “believing is believing!” WHY? Because sometimes on this dream building journey you have to engage your FAITH. Once you have vetted your dream and tested it; you know it to be true to who you are and what you're passionate about — you have to nurture that seed of your dream with the belief that comes from within... perhaps even before you can imagine it fully in your mind. There have been many things I've manifested for good in my life that started as strong desires wrapped around good intentions and motives.

Build your Belief and Faith muscles - and after you complete this download or the exercise on page 44 - let's talk about it on the discussion boards.

+ Lesson 7
1 lecture 04:43

The holistic work / life fulfillment model emerging that reflects the most realistic future for businesses in 2020 and beyond is what the Japanese call Ikigai (⽣き甲斐,) — a reason for being. It takes into consideration not only what you love, what you do well and what people want or will pay for. It also considers what the world needs. These are the four pillars of strength that your dream must be built upon and rooted in. Your worksheet contains my adaptation of the model below. There are many ways to feed the seed of your dream, operate in your purpose, and passion - doing what you do well and getting paid for it.

For some of you this change may begin as a repositioning within the working environment of where you are. You may be able to make a few shifts out of the wrong position in the right company and find yourself more fully aligned with your iKigai. Others may need to make total shift.

Approach your exercises thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. Answer each question as if you were in a position to only succeed no matter what you choose. That way - fear won't close your eyes to alternatives to your present situation and future possibilities.

Find Your Bliss
+ Lesson 8
1 lecture 03:38

Remember, like a real seed it is most vulnerable just after it’s been planted. At that point, the kernel hasn't even had time to fully take root in your heart. If you allow anything to attack your seed, it will be uprooted and destroyed. These are the people who already have, or could potentially have, a great amount of influence in your life. They could be an employer, spouse, parent, colleague, family member or a friend. In order to protect your seed you've got to know what category these MAJOR PLAYERS fall in, so you know who to solicit for help, and which friends / family to keep far from your dream. The four categories are:


Download the worksheet and begin!

Protect the Seed
+ Lesson 9
1 lecture 04:14

Take everything you've learned about yourself and now use it to fill out the purpose planner. In 9 minutes you should start getting a much clearer understanding about where your purpose is leading you in this season, and how to get started!

Purpose Planner
+ Lesson 10
1 lecture 03:38

This is where some people will quit on their dream. If you give in to any negative self-talk or self-sabotage, you may find yourself absolutely convinced that there is no way for you to make your dreams come true. If you are not convinced to give up on your dream completely, you are in danger of getting trapped in what I call the dream destruction cycle.

Download to go over the worksheet so you won't let THAT happen to you!

How to fight the Enemy (Inner - ME)