Draw a photo realistic Ikea glass jar using Paintology

This is easy to draw photo realistic drawing of a glass jar will ground you with important skills
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Learn to draw an easy photo realistic drawing with Paintology
Develop drawings skills such as tones and strokes
Understand the basics of drawing with the Paintology drawing app


  • Basics of drawing
  • Have the free Paintology drawing app installed on your android phone or tablet
  • Wanting to learn drawing and keen to improve


Creating photo realistic drawings does not take a whole lot of experience.

This drawing was created with the Paintology drawing app which is freely available on the Google play store.

The video will show you step by side on how to use one brush to create this interesting photo realistic drawing. You will ground yourself with important skills to create this drawing and other photo realistic drawings.

There are many hundreds of in app video tutorials on the Paintology app to refine your drawing skills and have fun while drawing. Try also many of the other Udemy courses on Paintology, just type Paintology in the search box.

Share your artwork with thousands of other Paintology users through the community available also from the app.

Hope to see you soon in one of my drawing courses with Paintology.

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in learning how to do photo realistic drawings
  • Students wanting to make the transition to digital drawing
  • Students interested in improving their overall drawing skills

Course content

3 sections7 lectures1h 29m total length
  • Introduction


Passionate about digital drawing
Ferdouse Khaleque
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I come from a very technical background but like many folks, I am very passionate about drawing and painting. In the recent years I have rekindled some of the lost interest in drawing when I was young.

I have done extensive drawings using pastels, pencils, acrylics and watercolors. My new found love is digital drawing and how versatile this medium truly is.

I hope to express and share my passion through these tutorials.