Dowsing Course 1: Your Pendulum - Setting The Foundation
4.6 (1,082 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,489 students enrolled

Dowsing Course 1: Your Pendulum - Setting The Foundation

This pendulum dowsing course is for those who want to learn what dowsing is and how to use a dowsing pendulum properly.
4.6 (1,082 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,489 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Properly know how to clean, charge and program your dowsing pendulum - for optimum accuracy.
  • Communicate with your dowsing pendulum in the right way to increase dowsing consistency.
  • Care-taking of your dowsing pendulum and proper storage of your pendulum to eliminate energentic interference.
  • Get the foundational dowsing practice to learning kinesiology (muscle testing) and prepare for percentage dowsing and transcendental dowsing.
  • This course counts towards the pre-requisite dowsing course for all subsequent dowsing courses in the dowsing series.
  • It is helpful to have a dowsing pendulum available but a string and pendant or key will suffice to take this course.
  • You will also need one teaspoon of sea salt - color doesn't matter (not table salt, not epsom salt, not bitter salt, not baking soda).
  • Read THE ART OF DOWSING (available on Amazon in print and ebook format) before or while taking this course.

This course is Udemy best-selling course about pendulum dowsing and there are over 700 five-star reviews to prove it.


"I thought I knew the basics but, boy was I surprised - I did not prepare my pendulums properly nor store them properly. I was never taught how to correctly use my pendulum. Can't wait to start the next class." Alana Tressa


"I absolutely loved this course in dowsing. I was very pleased at how organized and professional this course was, yet still had a lot of information. The beautiful positive energy from the teacher was what I felt the most beneficial, and I will continue to take classes from Doctor Cha~zay. I am just in awe of her energy. Thank you so much." Tamara J.


Do you want to learn about dowsing and how to use a pendulum properly?

Perhaps you've been using a dowsing pendulum for a while but find the results inconsistent or inaccurate?

Or maybe you want to use dowsing as an energy healing tool or a spiritual healing modality and transcendental dowsing is your ultimate goal?

Then this course is for you!

Welcome to Dowsing Course No 1, the first dowsing course of an entire series in learning pendulum dowsing. This is the most important course in the series, setting a solid foundation for all of your dowsing skills

Please note that if you want to learn Kinesiology (muscle testing), also known as deviceless dowsing, then this course is also the pre-requisite to helping you succeed with the Deviceless Dowsing Course much better.

Whether you want to use a dowsing pendulum to get answers, locate treasure, or you want to use it to help you expand your intuition or fine tune your psychic abilities, learning how to use a dowsing pendulum properly is where it all starts.


SPECIAL SIGN-ON BONUS: When you register for this first pendulum dowsing course in the series, I'll send you my guide to choosing the right pendulum material so you can choose the dowsing pendulum that you most resonate with.


I'm an International best-selling dowsing instructor and workshop leader with tens of thousands of dowsing students enrolled in several of my dowsing courses. I'm also the author of The Art of Dowsing (available in print and ebook on Amazon).

Accurate and consistent dowsing starts with setting up your proper dowsing foundation. This course will teach you how to properly clean, care for and store your dowsing pendulum, how to charge it and program it so that your dowsing results will show more accurate and consistent results.

We will talk about dowsing do's and dont's and how to troubleshoot your dowsing results.

COMPLETION BONUS: I reward hard work and will send you an additional surprise bonus when you complete this dowsing course. 

Tip: Read The Art of Dowsing before or alongside this course. It answers over 80 student questions, explains the law of entrainment and how tapping into Universal forces with a pendulum can increase your dowsing accuracy.


"This course already exceeds my expectations and is completely aligned with my inner truth and deep soul intuitive healing and purpose. Thank you! Excited to learn more and practice!!" Julie Harman


"My favorite part was the practice area. I admit I had my reservations about whether it would work because I've never tried dowsing in that way, but when I used the pendulum just as Cha~zay taught, my answers were accurate. I look forward to the next course!" Bethany Carroll



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Who this course is for:
  • This dowsing course is for anyone who wants to know what dowsing is and how to start using a dowsing pendulum the right way.
  • This dowsing course is for those who have some dowsing experience but want to increase their accuracy and consistency levels.
  • If you want to learn kinesiology (muscle testing) by means of deviceless dowsing, then this course is the pre-requisite to learning deviceless dowsing later on.
  • Those who want to learn transcendental dowsing and learn how to use pendulum dowsing to do energy healing or spiritual healing, this is the pre-requisite of several dowsing courses to helping you build the dowsing foundation to become an excellent transcendental dowser (course is by invite only).
  • This is a great dowsing course for those who are or want to get involved in energy healing or spiritual healing.
Course content
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+ About This Pendulum Dowsing Course - What To Expect
7 lectures 26:47

Watch this video to learn what we will cover in this pendulum dowsing course.

We will not be covering L-rod or Y-rod dowsing but you will learn how to get started using with pendulum dowsing and what dowsing is all about.

Preview 01:55

Do you want to know what pendulum material to use when dowsing?

Check your email to download and print your dowsing sign-on bonus.

You will receive an additional dowsing bonus when you complete this course. So make sure you watch 100% of this pendulum dowsing course and that you download all handouts.

Watch the video for more details.

Special Dowsing Bonus (Dowsing PDF Downloads)

This video talks about what dowsing tools you need to take this pendulum dowsing course.

If you do not have a dowsing pendulum yet or you ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet, no worries, you can still participate.

Also have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes.

Please remember that it is not permitted to take screenshots of this course as all materials are copyright protected by the trademark of the Core Freedom™ Academy and Dr. Cha~zay.

Preview 02:39

Is there a scientific explanation of why dowsing works?

Yes, there is.

It has to do with radio frequency, kinesiology and even the planetary vibrations and frequencies have a say in all of this.

This video explains more about 'sympathetic resonance,' often known as radio frequency, and why the words radiesthesia relates to the word radio, radial, radius, etc..

This dowsing lecture is for left-brain individuals who want or need a more in-depth explanation of what dowsing is and why it works.

Preview 06:46

The Art of Dowsing is an incredibly detailed book about the art of dowsing and usage of pendulum. It helps you set the right dowsing foundation. It features great graphics, charts and answers over 80 student questions. It's the companion book for Dowsing Courses No. 1 and No. 2.

This dowsing course is based on the book and the two work hand-in-hand to helping you become an expert dowser.

Preview 02:25

Pendulum dowsing is so much more than just picking up a pendulum and asking yes, no or maybe questions.

When you understand the full concept of what dowsing is, why it works, when it doesn't work and what can make it give you inaccurate results, is when you are the beginning of becoming an excellent dowser.

In this video I'll explain why understanding and tapping into the forces of Nature is going to help you become an excellent dowser. Going against these forces will cause you much friction and inaccurate dowsing results. For those who want to get involved in transcendental dowsing, this lecture is key in understanding dowsing concepts.

How To Use Dowsing to Tap Into the Forces of Nature

Does it matter how you hold your dowsing pendulum?

Does it matter if you hold your pendulum in your right or left hand?

How long should the pendulum string be?

Should your elbow be on the table or off the table when you dowse?

These questions are covered in this dowsing video. 

Your Pendulum and Ideal Dowsing Hand Position
+ How To Properly Clean, Charge and Program Your Dowsing Pendulum
7 lectures 30:14

Before you even get started using your dowsing pendulum, it is essential that you properly clean your pendulum.

This process may have to be repeated in the future (see additional lecture for more details) in order to keep your pendulum working optimally.

To prepare for this dowsing lecture, you will need some sea salt (1 table spoon) and some warm water.

Students often ask if they can use table salt, epsom salt, also known as bitter salt, or baking soda to clean your dowsing pendulum. The answer is NO.

If sea salt is difficult to come by where you live and you have access to table salt, then use table salt. Table salt is better than no salt at all. However, do not use epsom or bitter salt and definitely do not use baking soda, which is way too harsh on your dowsing pendulum.

IMPORTANT: If your pendulum instructions stated not to get your pendulum in contact with water, then please follow those instructions as otherwise your pendulum can crack or lose its shine.

Some materials, such as pyrite, do should not get in touch with water as the stone will lose its shine. You may apply the same prudence when cleaning a wooden pendulum. In those cases simply 'clean' your pendulum with dry sea salt and skip the instructions on using water.

Dowsing Step 1: How To Properly Clean Your Dowsing Pendulum

After you have properly cleaned your dowsing pendulum it is time to charge your pendulum correctly.

Watch this video for special instructions on how to properly charge your pendulum in sun- and moon light.

Again, if your instructions said not to expose your pendulum to sunlight, follow those instructions as otherwise your pendulum can get ruined. If you are unsure if your pendulum material can be ruined by sunlight or outdoor moisture, contact the place where you purchased your dowsing pendulum or do some research on the internet.

Dowsing Step 2: How To Correctly Charge Your Pendulum

Students who want to learn how to dowse properly are often involved in other energy healing modalities or spiritual healing practices, such as Reiki. You may want to be inclined to program your dowsing pendulum with Reiki or you may have even purchased a dowsing pendulum that is already Reiki infused.

Watch this short lecture to learn why keeping Reiki separate from dowsing is essential if you want your dowsing results to be accurate and consistent.

Pendulum Dowsing and Reiki

Now that you have properly cleansed and charged your dowsing pendulum, your dowsing tool is ready for programming.

Follow the dowsing steps in this video to learn how to correctly program your pendulum.

There are some cases when re-programming is necessary. Check the Q&A section for additional questions.

Dowsing Step 3: How To Effectively Program Your Dowsing Pendulum

People often have additional questions about programming their dowsing pendulum. This video gives some additional tips and explanations to helping you fully program your dowsing pendulum.

Additional Dowsing Pendulum Programming Tips

Does your dowsing pendulum need to be stored and protected in a certain way?

Watch this important video to find out how to treat your dowsing pendulum once it is programmed, how to store it and how to protect it.

Because dowsing is all about radio frequency, it is important that you tune into your pendulum from time to time to see if it needs to be cleansed, charged and re-programmed. You can assure continued accurate dowsing results by following the steps in this dowsing course carefully.

Dowsing Step 4: How To Store and Protect Your Pendulum

Your satisfaction in your endeavor to want to learn this dowsing skill is important to me. I want to check in and see how your dowsing is going.

If you love this dowsing course and have learned some new dowsing skills, please leave a public review with a sentence or two to let others know of why you love this pendulum dowsing course. If this dowsing course is lacking something, please send me a personal message (click on my name) with some constructive feedback and let me know what you need and how I can improve the course.

I deeply care about your success and if I can help you even more, I gladly go above and beyond to assure your dowsing success.

How Is Your Dowsing Going?
+ Pendulum Dowsing Practice Area - Let's Test Your Dowsing Skills
5 lectures 10:18

Here is your first pendulum dowsing practice session.

For additional dowsing practice sessions complete this course so I can send you a free downloadable dowsing PDF file with additional dowsing practice ideas.

Pendulum Dowsing Practice Session 1

Here is another pendulum dowsing practice session.

For additional dowsing practice sessions complete this course so I can send you a free downloadable dowsing PDF file with additional dowsing practice ideas.

Pendulum Dowsing Practice Session 2

Here is another pendulum dowsing practice session.

For additional dowsing practice sessions complete this course so I can send you a free downloadable dowsing PDF file with additional dowsing practice ideas.

Pendulum Dowsing Practice Session 3

Students are often nervous about practicing their dowsing skills. Their pendulum gives consistently wrong answers or their pendulum freezes all together. Sometimes their dowsing pendulum works and other times it just shivers or creates jerky movements. Others have reported that they get 80% of the test questions wrong and 20% of the test questions right. Even in their daily dowsing practice they notice a 'reverse' dowsing accuracy rate.

Watch this video for possible reasons and explanations of why your pendulum may give inaccurate results. For additional student questions and my answers make sure you read all of the student inquiries.

Also read THE ART OF DOWSING for over 80 questions from students and my answers on how to improve your pendulum dowsing results.

Why Are My Pendulum Dowsing Test Results Inaccurate?

Take your pick!

Pendulum Dowsing Practice Session 4
1 question

Here is another pendulum dowsing practice session.

For additional dowsing practice sessions complete this course so I can send you a free downloadable dowsing PDF file with additional dowsing practice ideas.

Additional Pendulum Dowsing Practice Sessions
+ More About Pendulum Dowsing and Dowsing Safety
3 lectures 19:45

This video is about real life dowsing stories to show what pendulum dowsing can be used for and how wonderful of a tool the pendulum can be.

Let these dowsing examples help you expand your own mind on what's possible with pendulum dowsing.

What Pendulum Dowsing Can Be Used For - Dowsing Success Stories

Do you need to protect yourself or your space when doing a pendulum dowsing session?

This video talks about beginner and advanced dowsing sessions and when to protect yourself.

Protection becomes especially important when you advance to transcendental dowsing, which is a dowsing course for advanced dowsers and offered "by invite only" to those who have completed the pre-requisite dowsing courses.

How To Protect Yourself During a Pendulum Dowsing Session

One of the biggest complaints I get from dowsing students is that their pendulum doesn't seem to work. Or sometimes it works and other times it just sits there or it move strangely and gives in accurate results.

This video talks about some of the causes that could be the reasons for inaccurate or inconsistent dowsing results, and what to do about it.

When Pendulum Dowsing Does Not Work
+ Pendulum Dowsing Course Summary and Dowsing Bonuses
4 lectures 04:21

You're almost at the end of this pendulum dowsing course. Watch this course summary video with additional dowsing tips on what to do next on your dowsing journey.

When you have completed 100% of this dowsing course, you'll be sent an additional bonus via email.

Pendulum Dowsing Course Summary

Now that you have almost completed this basic pendulum dowsing course, it is important to keep learning and take your dowsing skill to the next level.

This video will share with you the next dowsing course to take on your dowsing journey. It is my sincerest wish that you will go all the way and become a transcendental dowser. Why? because transcendental dowsing is the ultimate dowsing course in spiritual healing and emotional healing. It is where my heart lies and where I can impact my life and my surrounding world in the most transparent and most impactful light. And so can you.

Next Steps - Becoming an Expert Dowser - Review Time

This special resources library is for dowsing students who want additional downloads, articles, podcasts and goodies to helping you on your spiritual healing journey.

Come back here often as new dowsing resources are constantly added here.

Dowsing Resource Library
Bonus - Students Only