Excel Shortcuts, Excel Tips, Excel Tricks - Excel Skills!
4.4 (3,567 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Excel Shortcuts, Excel Tips, Excel Tricks - Excel Skills!

Use simple Excel shortcuts to Excel at work, impress your boss, and Excel your income. Macros, Formulas, PivotTable Tips
4.4 (3,567 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
13,854 students enrolled
Created by Billy Wigley
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • The skills to deliver a great performance at work, and have a happy boss.
  • Increased earning potential - Make more more money!
  • Access to a MOS Excel Expert!
  • Lifetime access to an increasing number of lectures (shortcuts, tips, and tricks) in a variety of formats.
  • Know how to make the most Excel and have fun with it.
  • A confidence boost by learning the way around Excel.
  • Learn how to use little known features like the Quick Analysis and Camera tools.
  • Cut down time wasted going line by line by learning how to use the Auto Filter.
  • Reduce before work time, and replace with time to spend on other duties.
  • Improve and streamline existing spreadsheets in minutes.
  • Quickly create Pivot Tables with charts, and control by Slicers.
  • Be able to teach/help others at home or work.
  • Be able to use this course to drive future needs.
  • The ability to work "smarter not harder."
  • Shortcuts that lead to better time management, and increased efficiency.
  • Implement frequently used tools more effectively.
  • You only need to have the desire make Excel easier for yourself.

Do you use Microsoft Excel?

-Learn Excel Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks that will make you money (money moves)!

-What would it be like to create a chart by pressing one button?

-What would it be like to easily create a slicer controlled pivot table with a chart in just minutes?

ALERT! - This course is not meant to be completed! I am continuously adding lectures that quickly resolve issues professionals in my live seminars across the USA are having while using Excel in their daily work.

To ensure that you have all of the ingredients in place when using Excel it takes years of using the program before you learn all of these “Secrets of Excel."

You have taught me a few things that irritate you about Excel, (VLOOKUP, PivotTable, Conditional Formatting, Charts, Formulas), and I have developed this course full of Excel Shortcuts Tips and Tricks that will take years off your learning curve. You will be using Excel like a professional within seconds of viewing this course.

There's only 86,400 seconds in a day, and you can't make time, or save time – you can only spend it and invest it.


Super easy to follow!

"If you have trouble with Excel, then this course makes it much easier to understand. The instructor is very knowledgeable and he makes it fun to learn."


Billy Wigley Is #1 Excel Trainer

"Billy's Course is great for newcomers to excel and excel veterans alike that want to increase their knowledge, proficiency, and Skills!!! Billy is by far the most entertaining and knowledgeable Excel mentors I've had the privilege of learning from. I recommend his online course as a must for the aspiring excel guru, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying to find one of his live lectures."


You are an ACHIEVER. You KNOW what to do – Take This Course – and let's get started.

Who this course is for:
  • You want to have fun, and learn Excel.
  • You want like to learn a "faster way" of using Excel.
  • You like simple, easy to follow, lively lectures
  • Do not take this course if you are looking for complicated, difficult techniques, and solutions.
Course content
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+ Featured Shortcuts - The Newest Lectures And Discussion Answers - Featured Here!
2 lectures 07:20

This lecture was created in response to a question from a student. Alice asked for an easy way to "share" a workbook, and then "merge" the shared workbooks.

Remember - to easily merge workbooks make sure that you "share" them first.

Preview 04:10

Learn some shortcuts for opening a NEW workbook, and creating duplicate worksheets! There is a also a BONUS piece teaching you how to have Excel open NEW workbooks with your specified number of worksheets already included.

Open a NEW Workbook, and Easily Duplicate a Worksheet
+ In The Beginning... Some Quick Tips, And Basic Elements Of The Excel Screen
4 lectures 07:04

Who said keyboard shortcuts are not quick? Only the mouse dependent folks! Check out 4 quick shortcuts being implemented in less than 17 seconds. You can also feel free to download an animated GIF of the lecture to share however you wish. Plus, the worksheet used in the lecture is available for you to practice.

Preview 00:16

Sometimes you may want to quickly select a range of data, and you are working with a defective mouse, or your mouse is on a weird surface, and for whatever reason you are having a hard time selecting a range of data that you want to work with. In this mini lecture you can learn the lovely Ctrl+A.

You can also feel free to download an animated GIF of the lecture to share however you wish. Plus, the worksheet used in the lecture is available for you to practice.

CTRL+A - Instantly Select Your Desired Range Of Data Like a Pro!

Anybody ever show you Excel and ask you to click on the dialogue box launcher, or the file tab, or the formula bar? Was your answer: “Click on the duh... what?" Is it taking you forever to find answers to your Excel questions when you "Google it?" Are you wondering what that little paintbrush is called? Those days are over! In just minutes this video will have you feeling at home with the basic elements of the Excel 2013 screen. Go for it! "Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!"

GO HERE - Learn The Proper Terminology - Basic Elements Of The Screen-PART 1

You are learning on-line so you will agree that using the right words help you in your Internet searches. It is the same in Excel, knowing the proper terminology will catapult your Excel proficiency.

NOW HERE - Learn The Proper Terminology - Basic Elements Of The Screen - PART 2
+ Let's Get Back To The Basics
3 lectures 10:41

Learn how to use the Clear tool in the Editing group to quickly clear formatting, and Comments. You can download the spreadsheet and follow along. Keep on learning!

Use The Clear Format Tool Like A Professional!

Here are some formatting shortcuts that are commonly used. They not only work in Excel, they work in all of your MS Office applications.

FORMATTING SHORTCUTS-You ever have to Bold, Underline, Italicize, Strikethrough?

Universal shortcuts are shortcuts that can be applied in almost every software program you work in, not only Excel. These are some of the first shortcuts that we learn when we start learning how to use software.

Preview 02:29
+ Entering and Editing Data
9 lectures 31:26

It's funny when you realize that you have been pressing buttons because you know what they do, and you realize you never knew what they are called. See how much you. :-)

Where Are You? An Easy Push-up For Your Brain To Get It Warmed Up And Ready.
4 questions

Ever hear of "Secret Features" in Excel? Well, there are many "little known" tools in Excel and they can be found in this rarely explored toolbar in your Excel interface. Meet the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Fall in love with how easily you can customize it, and amaze people with your Camera skills.

TOP SECRET! - Ever Hear Of Secret Features In Excel? - Well, Meet The QAT

Need to separate simple cell content, such as first names and last names, into different columns? Make it easy on yourself, forget about cutting and pasting! Learn to use the Text to Columns Tool and you can choose how to split it up: fixed width, or split at each comma, period or other character. BONUS shortcuts included, as well as the spreadsheets used in this lesson.

Text To Columns- That's Nice, I'll take Care Of It! - Separate Text into Columns

In the public seminar that I present across the USA many people are unsure of the version of Microsoft Excel that they are working in. Some have multiple version depending on what computer they are working. Even though I may be presenting an Excel 2013 seminar, there will be people that only have Excel 2007. Does it matter? Well, it depends? In this lesson you will learn how to easily tell which version you are using.

What's The Difference? - Are You Really In Excel 2013? Can You Tell The Version?

For the longest time I did things the hard way. Like inserting rows and columns by right clicking - haha! Check out this lesson showing you how to instantly insert rows and columns.

Make sure you share your knowledge, and SYNERGYZE with others. That is how you will improve your skills. Feel free to share the downloadable animated GIF of the lesson to share however you wish, and the spreadsheet used in the lesson so you can practice.

Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!

Quickly Insert Rows And Columns

Here is another quick technique for inserting blank rows in between cells. I call this simple technique "sorting them in."

Make sure to check out the downloadable resources attached to this lesson. Share your knowledge - Habit # 6 Synergize.

Quickly Insert BLANK Rows In Between Cells - I Call It "Sorting Them In"

Here's a quick video showing you how use shortcuts to find blank rows and delete them via the little known Go To Special. You will also learn how to use shortcuts to find a specific word, and delete the rows containing that word.

I have also included and animated gif version of this video for you to download and share.

Go To Special - Find Blank Rows and Delete. Find Specific Text and Delete Row.

After this lecture you are going to want to look a little more into the mysterious Go To Special tool in Excel. This little tool can change your life!

Did You Say Go To Special Again?! - Here Is Another Twist To Removing Blank Rows

Recently, a student asked me for help improving an existing spreadsheet that they have to work with.

They wanted to speed up their data entry, They were looking for a way to improve productivity.

Most of their data entry was simple, and repetitive. When I saw the spreadsheet, I immediately thought about Data Validation, VLOOKUP, Format As Table, and the Date Stamp.

Step into this lecture and see these techniques in action, then apply them to your own workbooks.

Remember to download the Excel workbook from the Additional Resources, and follow along.

Feel to start a discussion and Synergize (Habit # 6) with the rest of the community by sharing your own Data Entry shortcuts, tips, and tricks!

Preview 09:28

This lecture was created in response to a question about moving data that is arranged vertically, and displaying it horizontally. 

In Excel this is called TRANSPOSE, and in this lecture you will learn how to use Transpose tool in the Paste Special menu.

TRANSPOSE Your Data - Copy Vertical Data Range And Paste It Horizontally!
+ Words In Excel? Yikes! - Make It Work With Easy Text Functions
2 lectures 11:13

Working with text in Excel? Need to change the case of some text just like you do in Word and can't find the "change case tool?" No worries, in Excel you use TEXT functions. Here you will learn how, it's easy! Just watch the video, get some skills, and practice on the downloadable spreadsheet. -- Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!

I Gotta Change The Case! - UPPER_LOWER_PROPER

Want to combine the contents of various cells into one cell, and have them appear in the order that you need? Well, it's EASY! Just use the simple CONCATENATE function in Excel. Here is how you do it.

Preview 03:34

Use this Quiz to anchor your knowledge of TEXT functions - you are an EAGLE!

EXCEL is for math. When you use text you have to use TEXT functions like these.
2 questions
+ Auto Fill Magic
2 lectures 06:07

Have you ever had a list of items in your Excel spreadsheet numbered according to the row numbers of the worksheet, and when a new item is inserted the row numbers no longer match the items? Bummer, now you have re-organize everything - WAIT!

Just use this quick lesson on organizing your data and sorting to maintain spreadsheets that work. Make sure you check out the downloadable material for you to practice your new skills on! :-)

ID Columns - Quick Tip On Organizing Your Data - Keep Your Stuff In Order!

Working with a table that has repetitive entries?

The Auto complete works great when you remember the names of all the items. What happens when you don't know or remember what all of the names are?

You think: “It would be great if Excel would just automatically make me a drop down menu with a list of items instead of having to keep re-typing.”

Well, guess what? It does!

Let me show you – it's so easy that I better throw in a few bonus shortcuts while we work. AND – we are going to go mouseless!

Imagine Your First Drop-Down And A Bunch More Stuff
+ Calculations - Using FUNCTIONS and Building Formulas Like a Professional User!
6 lectures 19:31

When used in a cell reference F4 anchors the cell thus making it an ABSOLUTE cell reference. What's an ABSOLUTE refence? Well it's a cell that has been anchored? What's anchored? Check out the lesson, and in less than 29 seconds you will know the answers.

Remember to check out the downloadable files to practice your skills, and share your knowledge.

F4 To Anchor- This Is Going To Change Your Life - Make A Cell Reference Absolute

Can you insert a current date and time stamp into a cell in Excel? Of course you can! While there are many ways to accomplish this objective, this quick video will show you one way. You will learn: a date and time function, and a shortcut to turn your function into a static value.

Date & Time Function. This Is Only One Of Many Ways - So Easy!

Need to look up something in an Excel spreadsheet? Perhaps we have a spreadsheet with information on departing flights, and we want to find the departure gate of our flight. We look down the column with the flights, find our flight number, look over to the right, and find the gate number in a certain column. Simple, right? We can have Excel easily do this for us by using the VLOOKUP function. In this quick video you will learn how to write a formula using the VLOOKUP function.

VLOOKUP - Looking For Something Over There And You Want The Answer Over Here?

Did you know about the PivotTable Wizard? I have been using it since Excel 2007, and all the way up to 2016.

That’s right, there is a PivotTable wizard, and not many people know about it. When would you use it?

You want to consolidate multiple data ranges into one PivotTable (also known as the filter on steroids) to make dynamic reports and analyze your data, including a chart. Something like a mini-dashboard.

So what’s a quick way to build a mini-dashboard?

Let’s use the PivotTable Wizard, and consolidate our multiple ranges into one PivotTable report with a chart, and we will control it with a slicer.

Preview 03:40

Want to quickly summarize a large spreadsheet of data, and get multiple views of it? Well learn how to use a PivotTable. In this easy lecture you will learn how to create a slicer controlled PivotTable with a chart, in less that two minutes. You will appear to be "Genius like!"

The PivotTable is Excel's "filter on steroids" that you use when analyzing large spreadsheets. They are easy to use, and the results are a product of how you decide to organize the data to answer the questions you have.

Let this easy lecture begin your introduction to PivotTables. Stay tuned,a and keep coming back as we build on this PivotTable skill!

Remember to check the downloadable files for reference materials.

Preview 01:54

Keep sharpening your FUNCTION skills by returning to this quiz as more lectures are added, and new questions appear.

With over 300 functions in Excel it's hard to learn how, when, and which to use.
4 questions

There are over 500 functions in Excel, and each version has new functions. Learn how to use the IFNA function that was introduced in Excel 2013.

Keep on learning!

Tired Of Seeing #N/A In Your Empty Cells? - Check Out The IFNA Function in 2013
+ Working With Other Documents And Saying This Will Make You Sound Smart.
3 lectures 10:00

This lecture is in response the following question I received from a student in this course:

Hey, Billy. This is Debbi from your last Elk Grove, IL course. Have a workbook that two of us work on from a network folder -- the workbook is not officially "shared." Colleague made changes without "track changes" on. A second version of the file got saved. Any way to synchronize these? Or at least see what changes were made in one or the other file and then manually update the content?

I Forgot To SHARE The Workbook! How Can I Merge The Two Versions I Now Have?

Why make it hard? when creating a chart the key is your source data, remember: "Garbage in, Garbage out."

I always like to start out with my default chart and take it from there. That way I fell like I am accomplishing something right of the bat. Press F11 and bam! - there's your chart, just make sure you have all the ingredients in place before you show off your F11 and Alt+F1 skills. Or else, haha - it will be funny.

Make sure you use the downloadable files, and practice. Also feel free to begin a discussion and reach out to me when you need help.


For Your Charts Only - F11 And The Little Known Att+F1

With only 86,400 seconds in a day every decision you make is an investment of your time. Learn two stress-free Excel shortcuts, and one new tool that will maximize your productivity.

-Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!

Preview 01:30

There are all kinds of cool tools in Excel 2013 that, used with their corresponding shortcuts, will make your life so much easier. You will appear to be "genius-like" to those that are watching you rock at Excel.

Can't figure out which chart to use? Where to put the total? Put the chart here!
2 questions
+ Z-STUFF The French Section - No Specific Category For These Goodies - More Stuff
3 lectures 08:04

Here is a quick video I made to show the basic steps to recording a macro. It's in response to a question I received. Feel free to download and share the animated gif in the resources. Keep on learning!


Quick Steps To Record A Macro - Downloadable GIF

Print out this PDF and feel free to distribute it. Put your own logo on it if you wish. The main objective here is to share your knowledge. Abundance Mentality!

200 Excel 2013 Shortcuts For You To Print Out And Share
3 pages

While setting up my new studio (123 Aloha Studio of Las Vegas), and testing out some video settings to ensure future success in my video production. I was reminded how important it is to always get back to the BASICS.

When you want your shortcuts, tips and tricks to work well you better get it right from the start, and understand how to properly build your worksheets. Here is a BONUS lecture that teaches you the 7 Steps To Worksheet Success. I made it while setting up the new studio, so the editing is limited (rough cut). Enjoy the learning!

7 Steps To Worksheet Success - It's Gotta Be Right! (rough cut edit)
+ Here Are The Announcements - Good Stuff In Here!
1 lecture 02:10
Great News! New office hours and Habit #2 - 12/03/2015