Don't Read, Analyze Deeply

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History of Media
How to search on Google
What is Media
Media Literacy
Copy Rights
Fake News
How to Analyze


  • The program does not require any experience.


"The training course, developed as a result of the Erasmus+ funded project 'Don't Read, Analyze Deeply,' serves as a dynamic platform aimed at disseminating the project's impactful results and sharing essential knowledge about media literacy. Through an engaging and interactive learning experience, participants have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of media literacy through a comprehensive curriculum. The course incorporates a variety of instructional methods, including interactive modules, practical exercises, thought-provoking discussions, and case studies, which empower educators, youth workers, and individuals interested in media literacy to critically analyze media content and promote digital literacy in their respective communities.

By enrolling in this course, participants gain valuable insights, tools, and strategies that enable them to navigate the complex media landscape with confidence and discernment. They learn how to identify biases, evaluate sources, recognize misinformation and fake news, and effectively use digital platforms responsibly. Moreover, the course highlights the significance of critical thinking, digital citizenship, and ethical media consumption, equipping participants with the necessary skills to make informed decisions and engage in meaningful conversations.

As a result of disseminating the project's outcomes through this training course, we aim to contribute to the creation of a more informed and media-literate society. By empowering educators and youth workers, we facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills to their respective communities, thereby fostering a ripple effect of media literacy advocacy. Through collective efforts, we aspire to build a society where individuals are equipped with the necessary tools to critically engage with media, challenge misinformation, and promote digital responsibility.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a more informed and media-literate world. Enroll in our training course today and be part of the movement that empowers individuals to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, understand the power of media, and actively contribute to a healthier media ecosystem."

Who this course is for:

  • Students, housewives, young people, adults and the elderly who want to gain knowledge in the field of media


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Apprendre Langlais
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  • 815 Students
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Apprendre L’anglais is a well-established business that is instrumental in delivering Erasmus+ opportunities in Marseille, France. Previously, we have operated in Croydon, United Kingdom, for many years successfully and built up partnerships with London-based companies through this. We are involved in setting up work placements, internships and youth exchanges, and training programs that can range from 2 weeks to 3 months in length. In regards to this application, Apprendre L’anglais is highly skilled at training new people, utilising the skills of its staff, and understanding the needs of employers. Due to Apprendre L’anglais being a small company, the director has the time to listen to the needs of all members of staff and to facilitate the skills development relevant to the job. The team that works with Apprendre L’anglais gains massive amounts of job satisfaction, feels valued, and continually develops professionally.

As an experienced provider of Erasmus+ opportunities, Apprendre L'anglais is thrilled to contribute to the success of this project. Building upon our established track record, we are committed to delivering exceptional training programs, work placements, internships, and youth exchanges. Our expertise in understanding the needs of both participants and employers enables us to tailor experiences that foster skill development, cultural immersion, and professional growth. With our dedicated team and personalized approach, we ensure that each participant receives the necessary support and guidance throughout their journey. By joining forces with us, you open the door to exciting opportunities for learning, networking, and personal development. Embark on this transformative project with Apprendre L'anglais and unlock your full potential.

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