Dockerless: Deep Dive Into What Containers Really are About

Re-explore containers from open standards perspective
Free tutorial
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1hr 24min of on-demand video

Understanding of Open Container Standards
Hands-on experience with new container tools
Insights how containers work from inside
Realisation that Docker is just one of container tools


  • Basic Linux knowledge. Some Docker experience will also be helpful.


When someone wants to say "tissue", quite often they would say "Kleenex". When someone wants to say "containers", most likely they would say "Docker" instead.

We realise that "Kleenex" is just a widely accepted name for a particular type of a paper product. If we will see a tissue from another brand, we won't get confused, we will still know what to do with it.

But is that the same with Docker? What do we mean by saying "Docker container"? Is it some generic container or is it something Docker specific? What about the "Docker image"? Do we know what the real tissue behind this is?

We've all been using Docker for so long that we stopped thinking "container" and instead we think "Docker". In the Dockerless course you will learn to see beyond Docker - and try out a lot of new tools.

  • We'll talk about open container standards and investigate them on practice by using half a dozen various container tools;

  • We will build container images and run containers - all without Docker;

  • We will also learn why you don't need a container image to run a container, and why many big players, including AWS, RedHat and Google, move away from Docker - and what they rely on instead;

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and infrastructure engineers who want to better understand how Linux containers work beyond just Docker.


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mkdev me
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mkdev is a Public Cloud (AWS & GCP) and Cloud Native consulting, based in Munich. We are here to boost your productivity, reduce cloud costs and complexity, and enhance your standing as a true tech leader. We do it with Cloud Native technologies*, deep Automation and the DevOps spirit. Let's have a call.

We do not pursue a status of a partner with the Big Tech, or any technology provider. We don't get paid for recommending you anything, neither we get a fee from increasing your monthly cloud spend. Our only partners are our clients. This is how we partner:

1. Time-tested solutions

We never play around at your expense. We bring time-tested, verified by us and the industry technologies and solutions, the ones that make sense for you, not the ones that are trending at this second. The systems and setups we design and build are meant to get the job done, not to impress — but it doesn't meant we won't impress you.

2. Tailored to your business

The knowledge and experience that we share is not only battle-tested, but also relevant in the context of your objectives and your team. We always thoroughly analyze your capabilities, goals and business environment before offering and implementing any solutions.

3. We leave you prepared

Every project comes to an end. Projects with us end with a detailed hand-over and world-class documentation. We always make sure, that your team is ready to act on their own, long after we are gone.

We believe in making knowledge as accessible as possible, thus we produce and share our content and courses for free.

* AWS, GCP, OpenShift/Kubernetes, GitOps, Containers, CI/CD, Serverless, Microservices, you know the drill.

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Kirill Shirinkin
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DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of two books, mentor and founder of mkdev.

I help companies to increase effectiveness and efficiency in IT sphere - by adapting modern approaches to develop, deliver and maintain both software and infrastructure and by teaching the tools to achieve this goal.

In my spare time, I also try to share as much knowledge as I can, by creating dozens of in depth technical articles, free video courses and writing books.

Located in Munich, Germany.

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