Docker Before Compose - Learn Docker by Example

A hands on primer to learn the fundamentals of Docker
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Solidify Docker knowledge by setting up a network on the command line and running apps using Docker!


  • An understanding of terms like images and containers


This course will show you how to work with images, containers, and networks in Docker through a hands on implementation. Go deeper into Docker networking, exec, and other core concepts than most introductory courses. I do my best to explain concepts at a level where any young technologist can grasp them. My hope is from here you will have the prerequisite knowledge for learning Docker compose and other subsequent technologies. Whether your hope is to get a job in devops or build your first application using Docker technologies, this course will have something for you.

It does not go into depth on terminology and assumes that you have a rough idea of what images and containers are, though I will cover that briefly early in this course. Use this course to take the first step in your Docker journey, wherever that takes you. After taking this you'll be equipped to understand more abstract Docker topics and leverage your new knowledge to consume Docker material that may previously have been difficult to understand. Docker is here to stay for a while, you might as well get to know it a little better in this brief introductory course. This course will not be useful for you if you have already taken a comprehensive Docker technology course.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers newer to Docker


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I build study decks and Software Engineering courses on topics I have spent time with. I attempt to boil what I learn down to the most important concepts or show you a hands on example that I wished existed before! I try to teach these courses as though I were pair programming with someone new to the topic but with a little dev experience under their belt.

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