Hire a Resume Writer or DIY It? + How to Evaluate Any Writer

Insider Input from an ACTUAL Resume Writer + What to Expect From ANY Writer at 3 Different Price & Service Levels
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Evaluate your own skills and interest in learning how to and writing a resume yourself
What kinds of training / credentials (etc.) to expect from various resume writers
What kinds of service(s) to expect from a professional resume writer at different price points
How to evaluate if a resume writer you already hired did a good job (or not) for what you paid


  • No requirements or prereq's - just honesty about what YOUR personal needs, skills and priorities may be


Unlike many course instructors, I've been actually WRITING RESUMES professionally for 15+ years, and literally working on hundreds (likely 1000’s) of resumes. I’d simply have to truthfully say:

Most people do need help, or would at least benefit from professional help. I'd guesstimate that 90- 95% of resumes I see could be improved – sometimes dramatically – with some help. It’s competitive out there.

This class and guide will help you assess YOURSELF:

  • Your SKILL level for writing your resume

  • Your time and budget you have available for your resume and

  • Your level of personal interest in learning HOW to “DIY it”


How to assess RESUME WRITERS or writing services

We'll go over:

  • How do you know if you actually NEED a professional resume writer?

  • Could you probably do just as good yourself?

  • What to look for in an ok, good, and great writer – and what to avoid

  • The price range/details to expect at 3 different levels of service & pricing

  • If the writer you already hired did a good job – or not

Who can truly do a good (or good enough) job on their own (DIY - do it yourself)?

Truth? SOME. Not everyone.

That’s my honest, professional assessment given my 15+ years in this career.

**There’s no shame in needing resume help!** I probably don’t know how to do what YOU know how to do after all!

HOWEVER, depending on your interest and ability in "doing it yourself" (DIYing it), some people can do a nice job, even a great job, especially if they can apply professional feedback and guidance. My other class "How to Pass the Resume Scan Tests" (Software Scanners AND Humans) has lots of helpful input if that interests you.

So I offer this video version, along with a pdf guide, to help job seekers to assess themselves with a QUICK QUIZ – and – detailed input for those that dig the details.

This course and the accompanying 20 page pdf INSIDER’S GUIDE includes:

  • check lists,

  • quick clarity quizzes, and

  • comparison tables for fast reference,

And for the more detail inclined folks ,it also includes more detailed input and explanations, too!

Hope this helps you decide what's best for YOU - hiring a pro, or, DIYing it!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that isn't sure if they can (or if they even want to) write their own resume
  • If you aren't sure what to expect from a resume writer (price, types of service, their training/credentials, etc.)


Resume Writer & Employee Advocate
Shannon Terry: Resume Confidence
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Shannon Terry, unlike many course instructors on these topics, is and has been a Resume Writer and Interview Skills Coach for 15+ years with background facilitating in person workshops, presentations and trainings in these areas and others.

Her approach is personable and professional, with a casual, conversational delivery style. Her classes feel more like a 1-1 coaching session than a formal, stiff class or presentation, which consistently earned high ratings from participants.

She gained her expertise in all things job search through experience:
--working in two college career centers,

--within a national temp agency

--and contracting for an executive search and resume writing firm before launching her own writing/coaching business.

Her nationwide clientele have included folks from entry level to mid-late career from most industries, though recently she is specializing in educators/trainers & HR clients that match her own background & expertise.

No Hype. No False Promises. Just a Real Writer who delivers REAL RESULTS.

Resume Confidence is named by her clients, who always state how working with Shannon has helped them get clear on their skills, achievements, and value, and thus increased their overall confidence, in themselves, and their job search.

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get the Job. - "Reclaim YOUR job search mojo!"

Check out client Recommendations on LinkedIn.

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