Walkthrough Django's Official Tutorial: Django Version 2.2

Learn how to create projects with Django by following along Django's official tutorial.
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Django 2.2
Django Apps
Django Models
The MVT Structure of Django Projects
Database Migrations in Django
Django Apps
Django Views
Make a polling app, like the Django Tutorial


  • HTML, CSS and Front End Development (strongly recommended, but not required)
  • Python and Object Oriented Python
  • Some Django Experience (recommended but not required)


Django is a great web framework using Python. It is extremely scalable and makes it very easy to create projects quickly.

If you are interested in web development, and know Python, Django could be a great start. This course will focus on Django 2.2, and will follow along the official Django tutorial to help you learn how to code in Django.

Who this course is for:

  • People who know Python and want to learn Django
  • Web Developers that want to learn Django


Software Developer
Tanner Siciliano
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My name is Tanner, and I am a full stack web developer and programmer. I have coded in a lot of different languages on my own, and have created a lot of projects throughout different frameworks.

In the beginning of 2017, I quit my job to start my own business. This is when I started to teach myself more programming languages, including HTML, CSS and Javascript for front end web design. I then tried a few back end languages, and then settled on Python due to its growing demand and its applications in data science. Then, I just started learning more and more programming languages and skills. I like creating programming education content.

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